Mizuu is now open-source and free to download

The source code of Mizuu has been made available as an open-source project on GitHub.
You’ll now be able to download the application free of charge from this site.

Beautify your collection of movies and TV shows.


Connects with your computers and network storage.


From your network storage

Network attached storage (NAS) devices are supported using either the CIFS/SMB or UPnP/DLNA file protocol.

From your device

Mizuu can easily be used with video files stored on your device or any mounted external storages.

From your computers

Mac and Windows-based computers are supported using either the CIFS/SMB or UPnP/DLNA file protocol.

Everything at a glance – right at your fingertips.



Effortlessly browse your collection of movies. Filter by genre, pick one from your watchlist or re-watch one of your favourites? That and more is easy to do.

TV shows

Catch up on the latest episodes of your favourite shows. Enjoy beautiful cover art and backdrop images, as well as captivating episode photos.


Discover great new content from some of the best sources on the web. Find out what’s hot on YouTube and Reddit or be inspired by the latest TED talks.

Customize and personalize to fit your style.


Unlimited covers and backdrops

Pick your favourites from large selections of cover art and backdrop images for your movies and TV shows.

Works with all video players

Mizuu leverages the power of Android and allows you to use any of your installed video players to play your video content.

Editable movie information

Want to change something? It’s easy to edit the movie information on your device.

Beautiful widgets for all screens and sizes.


All devices

Widgets can be used on both phones and tablets, and will magically fit the device you’re using.

Triple the joy

Mizuu includes three different kinds of widgets for both movies and TV shows, as seen above.


All widgets are resizable to offer greater customizability and personalization.

Keep track of your movies and TV shows.



Your favourite movies and TV shows are always kept in sync with Trakt.

Watched status

Keeping track of which TV show episodes and movies you’ve watched has never been easier.


When you add or remove a movie from your watchlist, it’ll automatically be synchronized with Trakt.


Mizuu is available on Google Play for devices running Android 3.2 or newer.