Movies and TV shows like never before.

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Mizuu has been built from the ground up to fit your every need when it comes to managing and enjoying your own collection of movies and TV shows on your smartphone or tablet. Its excellent file indexing takes care of finding and managing all your video files, and identifies them against a comprehensive database of movies and TV shows. It automatically fetches useful information about the video content, including title, plot, cover art and actors.


Everything at your fingertips – as it should be.


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Your movie and TV show collection is presented as a grid of beautiful cover images. The tabbed interface provides an easy-to-use overview of your content, and you can search, sort and filter your content to further narrow down the selection. Bulk management is accessible using a long-press. Want to explore? Let Mizuu pick a movie or TV show for you at random.


Beautiful, customisable and personalised.

Manual identification

It’s easy to manually identify content, if the automated identification fails to identify your content correctly. You can identify movies, TV shows or even individual TV show episodes. Just enter a search query and select a search result.

Artwork galore

It’s only natural that different people like different things. As such, Mizuu makes it easy to change the cover art or backdrop image of your movies and TV shows. Just find the one you like and select it – it only takes a few seconds.

Edit away

No one should be unhappy with the contents of their movie and TV show collection. That’s why Mizuu allows you to edit details for both movies, TV shows and individual episodes. Want to change a title, rating or add more genres? Go ahead!

Complimented by the web.

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Mizuu offers immediate access to information about thousands of movies and actors. You can browse popular movies or search for something in particular. You can view all the latest and greatest videos on the web from Reddit, YouTube and TED Talks. Want to make sure your movie and TV show progress is saved? Mizuu can sync with, leaving you worry-free.

Also, it’s free. What are you waiting for?


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