I’m curious to know… What do you think?


  1. Looks nice! Keep up the good work.

  2. Do I really need to say anymore here……. if you have GIVEN UP on the network support we were promised, then I will move on….. I’m sure I’m NOT THE ONLY ONE that feels this way about the constant attempt to make this app LOOK better. Make it WORK BETTER as promised.

    • Hi Jim

      I haven’t given up on anything. That’s the reason why I’m still working on this project. All changes to the application make it both look and work better. I’m not changing stuff to make it prettier – I’m changing stuff to make it work better, and I then change the design as well while I’m at it. Any design change always has underlying changes that improve the speed, efficiency or something else.

      Regarding network support, it’s something I’m also working on… I’ve actually been working on it quite actively recently, but I don’t have anything major to announce yet, and I still don’t know when I will have something to announce, so that’s why I’m not doing so.

      As to whether you should move on or not – it’s your call. I can’t work any faster than I do. Mizuu is a spare time project. It’s in no way a profitable project. I’ve spent thousands of hours on it, so you do the math on whether it’s profitable or not…

      As for your own case, you’ve spent less than a dollar on the software, knowing that it was a work in progress. I’ve released more than 40 updates and multiple nightly builds since your purchase. Gmail shows me that we’ve had more than 100 e-mail conversations, most spanning multiple e-mails forward and back, as well as numerous chats. Heck, you’ve even added me on Facebook and tried to do video chatting.

      I’d say I’ve been offering extremely good customer support all the way through, and I wouldn’t be complaining about anything if I were you.

      I really didn’t want to post this in public, but I feel you’ve left me little choice. If you want to move on, feel free to do so. I hope you’ll be happy with whatever you choose to go with. If you want to stay and use Mizuu, you’re naturally more than welcome to do so as well.


  3. Then once in a while maybe let us know what is going on with networking. I know I’m not the only one waiting for it…….

    • I don’t think there’s much point in continuously saying that I’m working on it. There’s nothing incorrect in saying so, but it’ll be the same thing every time. Like I said, I’m not going to announce something unless I’ve got something to announce.

      I recently made some changes that should make the streaming service more reliable, but I have yet to test it in detail. I could easily have posted something about it, but I don’t want to be unsure of anything when announcing something like that.

      Network support is undoubtedly one of the most advanced things to do, especially if you – like me – don’t have any previous experience with server / web streaming services. So many different things can go wrong and there are a lot of different setups and a lot of inconsistency with the video applications.

  4. Fine. We’ll keep waiting then.

  5. Jim – programming something as complex as network streaming is by no means an easy task, especially if one has little background in network protocols. In the interim, you can always install a custom ROM with cifs support, and mount your NAS locally – I do this, and it works brilliantly. CyanogenMod 9 (ICS) and 10 (JB) both have cifs support built in, and support a vast array of devices. CM9 is currently stable, whilst 10 is experimental. Half the fun of Android is the fact that you can do this.

    Michell – as far as I’m concerned, you’re doing a grand job. For me, Mizuu has more than paid for itself a hundred times over, so thank you!

  6. Oh, and Actors (along with Director, Writers, etc.) is a cool idea – especially if they are entities in the DB which can be linked to Films/TV. Then, the bio page can be used to link back to the Film/TV list, using the entity as a search parameter (i.e. listing the films they are in/have directed etc.)

    • The “In Library” tab shows any local content starring the actor in question, so there’s a bit of what you’re talking about πŸ™‚

      • That’s precisely what I was thinking! How did I miss that, lol?? Thanks again πŸ™‚

    • The “linking” of actors WAS part of the original app.

      • Indeed, but it’s currently broken in the latest nightly build. I forgot to make some changes to the movie library update stuff, so it doesn’t store any actor information in that build.

  7. without the intention of create more polemic and always from the highest respect, understanding also the dedication required from a project like this… Personally I have the impression too that this is a project that seems to be more important the aesthetic than functionality… Currently it is a beautiful product, but needs a lot of work in terms of its functionality to make it the best.

    The official application does not receive an update for 7 months (April 5), and that’s a long wait… Waiting to see things as self-update and the capacity of automatically delete entries of those titles that no longer exist in the repository, fix bugs as incorrect identification of uppercase characters, the ability to filter by unidentified titles to update it by hand without reviewing the entire database…. and so on…

    These are details that greatly improve the usability and I have the impression that they are putting aside in favor of the aesthetic … It’s just an opinion, hopefully not offends you because I really think you’re doing a great job.

    • I think it’s important for you to understand this from my point of view. I created Mizuu about one and a half year ago, and I honestly didn’t know a lot about Java as a programming language or Android as a development platform.

      I’ve obviously learned a lot since then and that’s why I decided to do a complete re-write of the application. That’s not a small nor easy task to do. There’s more than 30,000 lines of code and I’m trying to improve each and every one while still maintaining compatibility with the previous version.

      If this had been my primary work, I’d probably be done by now, but it isn’t. I’ve got both work and university apart from Mizuu, and I still need to maintain some sort of social life beside everything else πŸ™‚ This is a one man job.

      There’s no doubt that it’s taken long since the last update. I know that better than anyone. I’ve actually just dropped one of my courses at uni in order to have more time for Mizuu. That’s how serious I am about getting this update done.

      There’s still a lot to be done in terms of improving the usability, but it’s something I’m working on. Regarding features… There’s tons of new features being added. This isn’t just polish, it’s also new stuff. Some of the stuff you’re mentioning is also coming.

      I don’t know what you’re comparing Mizuu to, but I’m guessing it’s XBMC or something like it. XBMC has been in development for ages and it’s been worked on by many, many people.

      Edit: Fixed typos, wrote it on my phone.

    • I too meant NO disrespect…… I “knew” thereΒ were others that felt this way too.

  8. its amazing !!

    and can you do Auto-download matching subtitles
    if i choose english or any lang
    it will find the right subtitle and right lang and download it automatic !!
    if there are more then one match the video popup let the user choose the right one!!

    put (+) to add source
    and make the update the gallery manual and auto (user choice)!

    make the tab reorder by the user will be great!!

    and why the background photo is not save in the device (need wifi)!!

    and why the watch list is send me to the movies!!

    some time the tv show dont much every episode in name
    so is there any thing to fix this problem other then rename the episode !

    and pls make new widget!

    this is some of my idea i hope it will work with mizuu

    i use some app that do what mizuu do !!!
    but no one is good enough to be near mizuu!!
    its amazing !!
    works in phone and tablet !!!
    the best UI ever !!!
    and one man do all this !!!


    • Thanks!

      Lots of stuff in your comment, so let’s go through it all:

      1) Subtitles. This is something I’ve been thinking about for some time, but the execution might be hard to pull off. The biggest issue is naturally that the downloaded subtitles will be wrong, and there’s really no solution for this. A pop-up dialog isn’t a viable solution, especially not if that user has a large movie library.

      2) Not sure what you mean about “put (+) to add source” and the gallery update stuff.

      3) Tab re-order?

      4) Background photos are stored on the device in the beta version and nightly builds. It’s not in the release, but you can manually download background images.

      5) Regarding the Watch list: It’s not done yet πŸ™‚

      6) Renaming of your files is probably the best way to ensure that it works all the time.

      7) Been thinking about the widgets. Any ideas for a new / updated one?

      • hi
        1) when i want to add source for the movies &tv show !!!
        i must go to for the refresh logo !!!
        made (+) for add source

        2)i mean in the menu
        there are many tab !!
        if i can reorder it like put the first tab for tv show not for movies or move and tab up or down

        3)i have the beta version & the paid version !!
        and the background photo of the movie & tv show need the internet
        so its not in the device !!!
        unless i choose any background !!
        it will be in the device!!!

        4) about the widget
        if you make widget with two tabs one for movies and one for tv show in one widget!!

        5)and about the subtitle
        make tab for subtitle where i can find at least the right subtitle to choose what i want!!

        6)it will be great if you make google tv app or and other device like boxxe or Roku player
        the app in the phone will work like remote if i choose any movie or tv show from the phone or tablet it will play it in the google tv or boxxe or roku player
        by the wifi and from the network storge !!

        7) i see in the beta app in the source (network folder)!!
        so i hope it will be out soon!!
        the problem is when i choose the source and add it !!
        i cant find the tab because it confuse me !!
        the old version is much better in this!!
        and if you move it to the to the side or to the top will be better!!
        because in this i hit the button many time accidently !!
        and the UI in the beta feel like it is more smother then the old one .right?

        thanks for all of your hard work
        its amazing!!
        i hope any of my idea will help you to make the app better !

        • Hi again!

          1) It’s not a refresh icon, it’s an update icon, which is fitting because you’re updating the library. A plus icon would be it significantly more confusing.

          2) I really don’t see much point in that. The only valid reason would be that you’d rather have Mizuu start at something other than Movies, which is already possible to do in the application settings by setting the default launch screen.

          3) I haven’t added automatic downloading of background images for TV shows yet, but that’ll come as well.

          4) Good idea, I’ll think about it.

          5) Honestly, don’t think that’ll work out.

          6) Yep, I know πŸ™‚

          7) Please explain yourself better here, I really don’t understand what you mean.


          • hi
            i see in the beta app in the source (network folder)!!
            so when it will be out!!

            there is problem when i choose the source and click (add folder as file source)
            i cant find the tab because it confuse me !!
            the old version is much better in this!!
            and if you move it to the to the side or to the top will be better!!
            because in this i hit the button many time accidently !!

            i mean the button is like the background
            if you put shadow around the button will be great
            pls see the old app and compare it with the beta !!

            and the UI in the beta feel like it is more smother then the old one .right?

            thanks a lot!

            • Network support is coming when it’s ready.

              And yep, I’m working on that UI.. The button will be visible, don’t worry.

  9. Sorry….. I had to say this……. There’s that ole’ #6 again………. LOL

  10. Mizuu will run on Google TV just fine.

    I have a Vizio Co-Star and Mizuu (installed via USB key) works as it does on Android 4.0.4. Problem I see is Google TV it self is really buggy or on the Co-Star it is anyway. Co-Star also has a Bluetooth remote which is SLOW to respond to key presses. As said the UI is buggy and crashes a lot. At times the HDMI-in won’t work to pipe the HDMI through to the ‘TV app’ so it will not display my Cable Box and requires a hard reboot to sometimes fix. Also it’s Wifi is really weak.

    We manufacture Android ICS devices with HDMI, Ethernet and Wifi plus support for NTFS, and by far love our devices over Google TV which so far is really limited on apps unless you bring them over from your other Droid devices.

    Major negative, the Co-Star can’t see NTFS partitions. Meaning no access to your LARGE hard drives full of Movies/TV!! No need to add local networking to Google TV, it can’t see NTFS anyway. So unless all your data is on small Fat32 drives your out of luck or stuck to USB Keys (oh, also spotted some of our USB Keys are formatted NTFS so those don’t show on the Co-Star either).

    The only plus we see for the Co-Star is ‘HDMI-in’, we will not have this ability till late next year for our Android devices. But when we do, Michell please add a ‘Live TV’ option!!!

    With over 5000 movies now on drives I need NTFS (via our Android device) and Networking support (via Mizuu). All drives are linked to a single Android unit in my living room via both SATA and USB, so I’m looking for the ability for Mizuu ‘in all other rooms’ to see the living room unit and all it’s media over the network.

    Anyone wanna recommend an Android file server minus ‘Droid NAS’ as it can only see the SD card?

    Michell, can you post in your blog the route you going with Networking? Maybe a simple FTP server (Android app for me) would work depending on how your handling seeing networked files within Mizuu.

    • The route I’m going? Support for the Samba protocol is top priority. After that I might look into FTP and DLNA / UPnP.

  11. Have you been able to share other locations/drives/folders other then on the SD card without Root? Android being a protected OS does not like sharing of other locations without Root.

    Please look at Webdav as well. Been playing with it a bit and it’s simple to setup, an Android as the server too, for streaming of any file around the network and with our router port forwarded we can watch our entire collection over the web. A plus is we can use any web browser to see the available files, so no dedicated client is a must have.

    Only problem we see is most Android video players don’t work well with URL’s. May need some way to convert URL’s to look like a local file so all will play the file properly.

    • Nope, don’t think I have.

      Have been thinking a bit about WebDAV, might come at some point πŸ™‚

  12. By the way, the new Actor view looks great, would like to see Landscape in your previews please…

    • You’re more than welcome to download the beta from Google Play – it’s all there πŸ™‚


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