Android TV is the future of video

About a month ago, I shared my thoughts on the state of Mizuu and how I felt about working on the app and the app itself. I told you that I had started to lose my passion and that I wanted to make a change for the better. I went on to tell you that I’d be starting over with Mizuu -reimagining it from the bottom.

That’s exactly what I’m been doing ever since. I’ve been reimaging it. When I released the first version of Mizuu, it was only available for tablets on Android 3.0 or newer. That equated roughly 0.1 percent of the devices on Android Market, as it was back then. I really didn’t care about the size of the user base. I felt that it was necessary in order to achieve what I wanted to achieve. Why should I limit myself due to a limited user base when I knew that it’d eventually grow to be so much more?

My passion isn’t about creating something for everyone. It’s about creating something groundbreaking – even if that means limiting my user base. My passion is about exploring new platforms and use cases.

There really weren’t many Android tablets back when I released Mizuu. Same thing goes for Android TV today. Its user base is quite limited at the moment, but it shows great promise and it’s perfect for media consumption – just like Android tablets.


Drum rolls, please…

I’m happy to say that the upcoming version of Mizuu is being developed exclusively for Android TV devices. I believe that Android TV is the media platform of the future, and I want to get in on it as one of the first.

Everything will be optimized for TV usage. One such example is the “Add video files” screen, as seen below.

You simply select the device you want to add video files from, and then you browse the various folders on the device. When you want to add a folder as a file source, you simply long-press it and it’ll be added.

When you’re done adding file sources, Mizuu will ask you if you want to update the library.

Also, you no longer need to specify the video content type. Mizuu will automatically detect if it’s a TV show, movie or a third kind of video file. Mizuu handles all the hard stuff for you, so all you have to do is to relax and enjoy.


More details coming soon

I realize that this post doesn’t even begin to answer many of the questions you’ll have, so I urge you to post them in the comment section below. There’ll be future blog posts with more details as well. I look forward to hearing from you!


  1. Will Mizuu generate Recommendation feed into Android TV UI?

    • It will. And with knowledge of your favourites and missing TV show episodes, it’ll be quite good.

      • Hi Michell, any plan to release Mizuu on the Smart TV?

  2. As a fan of Mizuu and your work and as a future Android TV user, that’s awesome! Exactly THE missing thing to Android TV to make it perfect.

    • Thanks, I’m glad you feel that way 🙂

  3. This sounds great! Can’t wait to try it out. Any idea on an ETA or do you want to hold off on that for now?

    • I don’t have an ETA at the moment 🙂

      • Fair enough. I’ll be anxiously waiting!

  4. What is a good Android TV setup? What device do I need? Will Chromecast support Android TV do you think?

    • I’ve got a Nexus Player on Android 5.1. It’s quite good! Chromecast won’t include Android TV functionality, but Android TV includes Google Cast support.

        • Hi! No, it won’t be compatible with that device as it doesn’t run Android TV.

          • Isn’t there any possibility to make Mizuu work with this kind of android box for TV ?

            These are more common than android TV OS boxes and it would be nice to have a better optimized Mizuu for TV screen and browsing for these TV boxes.

            • Sure, it’s possible, but it’s not something I want to spend my time doing. I’d rather make something for the current and future platforms than create something for old, uninteresting platforms.

  5. As a android Himedia Quad core user to play my large collection of movies, Mizuu was always the top pick and hands down the best TV and Movie database handler bar none. No on is even close, now you will leave them in the dust, thanks to your abilities and innovations the android smart media box will replace the need for the smart tv and give so much more in daily use. You are the Man, and as always, thanks

  6. Hi Michell,

    Big Mizuu fan here.

    I see that you have a Nexus Player. Can apps like Mizuu recognise video files from external drives plugged into the Micro-USB drive? Does Android TV have support for file types like AVI or MKV? If not, does Android TV have the same ‘share intent’ facilities as regular Android, so filed types that aren’t natively supported can be played in 3rd party apps like MX Player?

    These questions are probably more relevant to Android TV, but i plan to have a home media centre based around Mizuu.

    • The system supports the same video intents as all other Android devices, so yes, it’ll work with any installed video player.

      I don’t have any plans to support local files for the Android TV versions. At least not to begin with.


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