Another look at what’s to come

Hi guys, hope you’re all doing great!

I’m busy working on the next release of Mizuu and the first thing that needs to be done is a major re-work of the underlying structure. This is an essential step before adding more functionality. I’ve been working hard at making everything modular, so Mizuu will be able to work with other data sources than TMDb and TheTVDB.

While making these structural changes, I’ve had a look at the update process to see what can be improved and I’m happy to say that I’ve made some great progress here. It’s more stable, faster and has greatly improved support for .nfo files. Also, I’ve added an “Updating screen” that shows you the most recently added movies in realtime. You will also be able to cancel the library update from this screen (also a new feature). You can see that in the screenshot below:

I’ve made lots of other changes to the application and have been working on improving my code style and optimizing various parts of the application. The next version of Mizuu will also support network via Bluetooth and ethernet.

Still counting on a release in July if everything goes as expected.


  1. hello : great app. Two questions. Does your app support movies with 2 files. My movie-cd1.avi, my movies-cd2.avi. If so, I am not able to get it to read the 2nd part. Secondly, I am unable to have my usb drive to be scanned by your app. What can I do? Thank you

    • Hey! It should work with movies in two parts. I actually can’t remember if the current version has a bug with “cd#”, but I know that “part#” at the end of the files works.

      Regarding the USB drive, that’s really not something that I can do anything about. If the drive is visible to Android, it’ll be visible to Mizuu as well.


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