I’ve been making some progress…

I’ve been making some progress on TV shows in the last few days, as you can see from the screenshot above. You’ll notice a lot of new buttons and some design changes.

Design changes: I’m not sure whether to keep the current design (cover art on the left) or this one (cover art on the right). I’d like some feedback on this. Also, I’ve made the episode title larger and placed the release date information near the episode screenshot.

New buttons: I’ve added the following new buttons in TV shows:

  • Watch online – Similar to the “Watch trailer” button in Movies, only this does not search for trailers but rather the title of any given show. I.e. it’ll return the first result on YouTube for “Chuck”, if you were to press the button in the above screenshot.
  • Actors – Shows a new window with actor photos and names – both the real names and character names.
  • Seasons – Shows a dialog that’ll allow you to refine the list of episodes to a single season. Hopefully this will make it easier for those of you with large collections.
  • Backdrops – A backdrop browser that’ll let you download backdrops to your device and set them as the default backdrop. Similar to the backdrops browser in the Movies section of the application.
  • Covers – A cover browser that’ll let you replace the current cover art with one of your own choice. It’s basically the same as pressing the cover art image, just a bit more obvious with a button.

The “Covers” button has also been added in Movies. You can still press the cover art photo to get the cover browser, of course.

Still got a lot of work left to do and school / work is killing me at the moment, but I’m hopeful I’ll have it ready before Christmas 🙂


  1. I like the new design better, looks more logically ordered (play episode just below the synopsis). Anyway I’m now used to the previous one.. 😮
    Thank you again for your work!

  2. To answer your question about the cover art, I think it’s a good idea to put it on the right so it is consistent across the app (cover art on the right for both movies and tv shows).

    Well done otherwise!

  3. I like it, when you release it on the market?

    • “Still got a lot of work left to do and school / work is killing me at the moment, but I’m hopeful I’ll have it ready before Christmas”


  4. thanks 🙂


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