Another beta update is going online now

I’ve just published beta version 16022013. This includes quite a lot of changes that’ll improve your experience. Here are some of the changes:

  • Scrolling speed is greatly improved in the movie and TV show overview, also minor improvements in all other grid views.
  • Added a section indexer when using fast scroll – this is available for both movies and TV shows, and can show index of the title and movie / show rating.
  • Added Popular and Top rated movies to the Trailers section.
  • Added support for complete Blu-ray and DVD folder rips. These are now added as a single entry in Mizuu, and the parent name is used to identify the movie – i.e. “Avatar (2009)/VIDEO_TS/VIDEO_TS.IFO” for DVD’s orΒ “Avatar (2009)/BDMV/STREAM/00001.m2ts” for Blu-rays.
  • Added support for movie parts. The files need to end with cd1/cd2.{extension} or part1/part2.{extension}.
  • Added option to sort by first air date in TV shows overview.
  • Mizuu will now search for movies based on the name of the parent folder if no results were found for the filename.

Regarding the added support for full DVD rips, there’s a bit of a problem… Regular DVD players and software video players use the so-called VIDEO_TS.IFO file to read the contents of the DVD, and then play back the actual video files. Mizuu supports this, as it’s the only way of doing this stuff, but sadly I haven’t found any compatible video players yet. I’ve found a few that can play full DVD rips if you start playback from within the application, but none that support third party applications to start the playback. Hopefully this will come.

The update will be available within a few hours. Hope you’ll enjoy!


  1. It’s amazing how much different this beta version is now than the paid verison. I wish I could download the paid version to compare but I’m running 4.2 on both my devices πŸ™

    Amazing effort, anyway πŸ™‚

    • Just sent you a copy πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Michell,
    since this update cover are no more displayed in overview

    • Yeah, I know. It’s temporary, though. With the next update, there’ll be a setting you should enable to show custom cover art. This way I can speed up the overview quite a lot, because it doesn’t have to look for ~10 different files each time it wants to show an image.

  3. The beta version is so well done. The ‘Welcome’ screen is a nice touch. Hope to see settings for custom cover art soon. Also, I noticed the 3×3 widget displays slightly larger cover art, causing the images to get cut off at the bottom when you reduce the size of the widget. The 3×3 widget of the paid version shows cover art at just the right size. Keep up the good work, it’s looking to be an amazing app.

    • Thanks!

      Custom cover art should work. I’ve just been fiddling with it lately, so it may be a bit buggy at the moment, but give it a try. You can refer to these guidelines:

      The widget is pretty buggy at the moment. I tried to fix a few things, but let’s just say that I’m not a fan of Android’s widget system from a development point of view. It’s very limited.

  4. Hallo Michell, the Last Updates are very Nice!!! Mizuu goes faster then ever before!!!!
    i found a little bug: If i select in the Movie-Section the Genre-button Down right, and then select The first “genre”, (its just the “(” NR “)” becouse there are movies without a Genre) then will they not appeay. it change nothing. can you fix this? i would see which files are these to ad a Genre :). THX!!!

    • Ah, that’s actually a bug. Will fix that. It’s not supposed to show N/A in that overview.

  5. Hi Michell,

    I would like to use the custom cover art as you explain in your guidelines.
    But I have a question: Where do I have to put the cover art ? in the same movies directory ?
    Ex: My movies are in Samba: smb://
    It means I have to put the cover as smb:// Is it correct ?
    And do I need to re-scan movies ? And does the app still generate cover cache in the SD ? My goal is to gain some space in my tablet SD card.

    The welcome screen is very nice.
    But I guess that there is a little bug: It displays a “blue” empty screen if there is no movie poster.
    I prefer also to have the poster movie name.

    Thanks for your help,

    • Hi Kim,

      Custom cover art isn’t supported for network files yet. When it comes, you won’t need to re-scan anything. If the file(s) are present, it’ll use that instead.

      The blue background isn’t really a bug – if there are no movies or TV shows, there’s nothing to show.


      • Hi Michell,

        Thanks for your quick answer about the cover.I hope that this option will be implemented soon for network.

        Sorry that I don’t explain well my point for the blue background.
        I would like to tell that I have 100 movies and only 50 movies have a poster.
        In the welcome screen, the app sometime displays a poster and sometime displays a blue background. πŸ™‚

        Thank you,

        • It will be fairly soon.

          Ah, that must be because the movie / show in question doesn’t have a background image. It should just be skipped then, I suppose. Thanks!

      • Michell, will Mizuu use “.jpg” for the cover art or will it also use “Folder.jpg” files stored in the same folder as the film? I ask because Couchpotato creates cover art using the “Folder.jpg” format. I set this up so each individual movie folder has the movie cover art as the thumbnail.

        • The beta currently supports “poster”, “folder”, “cover” and “moviename”. All are supported with .jpg, .jpeg and .tbn file extensions.

          • Perfect! Does Mizuu give priority if more than one naming conventions are found?

        • The commenting system is a bit messy, so I’ll just answer here:

          It’s probably alphabetical, although I haven’t checked.


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