New beta version out, now available on Google TV

Hi guys!

I’ve just pushed a new update for the beta version on Google Play. It doesn’t add a lot of stuff, but it does fix a few issues and improves a few areas of the application. The changes to manual identifcation have sort of been implemented in this version. I didn’t have time to implement everything, so I’ve kept it “as is”, and will update after Christmas.

Also – this version of Mizuu is available on Google TV. It hasn’t been optimized for Google TV yet, so some areas will likely be a bit weird to use, so keep that in mind when using it. I just decided to make it available, so you guys could try it out and give me feedback.

Update: Manually selecting cover art is broken in this release. Will fix it after Christmas.

Thanks for all your support, great e-mails and awesome suggestions. I hope you’ll have a merry Christmas and happy new year!


  1. That’s great. But until we have network support its not relevant. No offence, but most people keep large libraries of films on networked storage. I could fit about three films on my Nexus 7. Lovely App and I wrote a favourable review for it on the Play Store. But the polish and tweaks aren’t as important as at the moment I can’t use the app.

    • I know many people feel that way. Sadly, I found an issue with the network implementation, so I can’t implement it until next year due to holidays.

    • Just as a follow up. The app really is beautifully put together and I believe people would be happy to pay good money for this when its finished. If network support works as I would hope, nothing else will come anywhere near this App. At least nothing that is currently available.

  2. Agree with Boutime2, the best application but penalized with this network problem and with this very less interested.

  3. Michell I really hate to be “that guy” but could you give us circa ETA for network support? i really love the work you’re doing, i really think your app must be one of the best looking ones out there but the 16gb storage on my nexus 10 is just not enough 🙁

    oh and before i forget: no hurries, rush or anything – i’d be totaly okay if i know you’d need a few more months, just really interested how far progress is 🙂

    and have a nice christmas and happy holidays 🙂

    • Let’s just sat that I’d be very unhappy if it isn’t available within the next few months. I’m hoping January will be enough.

      • thanks! looking forward to it 🙂

  4. Just had a chance to try the beta of Mizuu. Honestly I am not a big fan of the new interface when you select a movie. It seems to be optimized for a phone. When holding a tablet horizontally there is alot of wasted space (the entire lower left corner is not used) and I find the backdrop is lost and often is the same as the image for the preview. Just does not look as good to me and seems redundant.

    I agree with other posters that you need to get network support soon. I bought this app 6 months ago expecting it would come soon and we are still waiting. If you do not release it soon you risk loosing customers to the XBMC project which has just recently released a RC2 version for android which is running nicely. The big issue with xbmc is it does not do hardware acceleration when playing video and you cannot use an external player yet.

    Just my 2 cents….

    • It’s a beta, i.e. it’s not finished in any way. The user interface in landscape for larger tablets (~10 inches) needs to be changed. I’m guessing that’s what you’re using.

      I honestly don’t care about XBMC. I still think it’s a very flawed solution in many areas. You can read about that elsewhere on the blog.

  5. Michell – I tries the beta but could not get it to work with CIFS. I see the folder with files inside, and can select it a source, but when I update the database it says “no videos”.
    I like the new design. I’m using it with the mini-x on a 23” monitor.
    Once network support is out, I will definitely abandon my Apple TV and switch to an android media center.
    Your app is awesome. Runs smooth and looks amazing. Thank you for developing!

    • Hi Ben

      How does the CIFS implementation on your device work? I’m guessing it’s a third party “driver” and that it’s broken. Sadly, many of them are. I’d wish Android had native support for Samba and other file systems.

      • Maybe.. I’m using CIFS manager to mount the network share. Previously, it worked with Mizuu lite and I can *still* see the library and play files with it. When I donwloaded Mizuu (full version) and the beta, I was unable to scan.
        No worries, if all goes well I won’t need Mount manager anymore. I really appreciate you support.

        • Honestly, I have no idea what’s wrong. I’m 100% sure that it isn’t Mizuu, though.

          It’ll hopefully be working properly soon 🙂


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