New beta version is out

Hi guys!

I usually don’t write blog posts about new beta versions, but tonight I’m making an exception.

The latest beta version – called v2.9-beta1 – brings a ton of changes and improvements. Now, this is very much work-in-progress, and some functionality is missing, so please don’t install the beta version if you absolutely need all the current functionality.

TV show changes

Version 2.9 will bring major changes to the TV show area of the application, i.e. the interface, functionality, identification and much more. The beta version includes changes to the interface and some functionality.

You will now be presented with a grid overview of TV show seasons when viewing the “Seasons” page of a TV show. You’ll now be able to long-press seasons to mark them as watched / unwatched, and the final release will add the ability to remove entire seasons at a time as well. The filtering option doesn’t currently work.

Selecting a season will show you an overview of the episodes of that season. And of course – if you’re on a tablet in landscape mode, you’ll get an overview of the episodes for the selected season.



If a season contains episodes you haven’t yet watched, it’ll show you a counter in the subtitle of each season. Likewise, you’ll get a hint in the episodes overview if you haven’t watched them.

The episode details view has been revamped as well. It is now in style with the rest of the application and it looks a lot better. You’ll be able to see how it looks in portrait mode in one of the images above, and you’ll be able to see it in landscape mode on a tablet below.


As always, you can swipe between the TV show episodes when you’re in the details view.

Actor changes

With this version, Mizuu no longer uses for its actor information. Instead, it uses information from This means that you’ll finally be able to get actor details for TV shows as well. It also means that the content of the “Actors” page might change since the data provider changes.


That’s not the only change I’ve done to the actor details view, though. It’ll now show you TV shows featuring the actor in question and you’ll also be able to browse tagged images of the actor.

Performance and minor fixes

I’ve made a ton of changes to the performance of the application and it should – hopefully – feel faster than ever. I’ve still got more to do, but progress is progress. I know that image loading still isn’t perfect, but this will hopefully change in time for the release of version 2.9.

Other than that, I’ve been making a gazillion minor fixes and improvements throughout the application. These improvements include:

  • Higher resolution images and icons for certain devices
  • Option to open movies and TV shows in browser
  • Typeface refresh
  • UI tweaks, i.e. ellipsized descriptions to avoid long scrollbars and enhanced navigation drawer
  • Support for multiple filters simultaneously (for movies at the moment)
  • Lower memory usage
  • Improved code readability
  • Added option to use large covers in the movie and TV show overviews
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements

What’s next?

Testing and more development! If you want to give it a go, please feel free to do so. If you haven’t already joined the beta program, please see for details.



  1. Hey Michell,

    wow, these chanches are very very nice!

    To the Chanches in the TV-Shows:
    They all great. The idea to make the session primary shown is very nice.

    The “(unwatched)” text is a little bit to unvisible I think. i liked the symbol with an hook. Is it possible to make this also?
    Shows with just one Session could be go through to the Episodes. is this possible to ad?
    The Actor chances in the TV-Show section is realy great!

    An posibility to make all prevorious episodes marked as watched where nice for new yousers.

    If i mark an Session as watched/unwatched it brings me after short time the massage: “Error syncronice with Trakt”. Why?

    is it possible to make the same chooseable funktion wiith the sessions also in the episode-section to mark different episodes as watched?

    A backwardmove is missed in the Episode-area in the left up corner, like in the other areas.

    You make a very great Work with all this! Thanks for all of it. (I hope you understand my bad School-English)


    • Hey Bobby!

      I kind of wanted to use the checkmark icon as an indicator of whether a season or episode has been watched, but I’m finding it hard to integrate into the design without it taking up too much space from the title. Nothing is final, so I may end up changing it.

      I’m not sure what you mean by “An posibility to make all prevorious episodes marked as watched where nice for new yousers.”

      The Trakt error occurs if Trakt synchronization was unsuccessful, i.e. if the service was temporarily down. The app makes two attempts to sync and if both fail, it’ll show that error message.

      Yep, you’ll be able to select multiple episodes and perform actions on them – just like seasons.


      • What i mean with the sentense is:
        can you add an option to mark an episode, and all episodes (seasons) before can marked as watched?

        Is this better to understand?


        • You mean “multi-select”? e.g. select episode 3, 4, 5 then click “mark as watched”?

        • I’m still not sure, but if you mean what Rob Little is asking below, then yes. That will indeed be possible.

  2. Major improvement over the previous version, good work. I do agree with Bobby about the watched/unwatched status being a little unclear. Maybe instead of a checkmark you can do a colored line accross the bottom (grid view) or side (list view) of the episode card? Green for watched, red for unwatched?

  3. Exactly what I meant, great!

  4. Though it would be nice to have a way to also tell if there’s an offline copy! Maybe another colour as well?

    • There’ll be a filter for that. Adding another color won’t work 🙂

        • Honestly, it feels like a better user flow to use a filter. If someone is looking for files that are available offline, it’d be easier to just filter it rather than having to look through all episodes and look for an icon.

  5. OK, I guess I’ll just wait and see what that looks like 🙂


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