Blog integration in-app?

Just a quick question – would you like to have blog integration in the app? I’m thinking blog posts would be available somewhere in the app as an easy way to keep up with blog updates. Just a quick thought.


  1. Do you mean this blog integrated in the app or social networking integrated (ie you could share your movie list or something) ?
    Whatever they both sound cool 😀

    • I meant the first, but I’ve actually been thinking about the latter as well. Could be kind of cool if there was a feature that allowed automatic sharing of when ever someone was watching a movie with a link to that movie.

      – Someone watched Thor (2011)
      – Michell watched Iron Man 2 (2010)

      It should be anonymous (unless the user adds their name), and should be disabled by default. But yeah, I think that could actually be a cool way for users to learn about new movies.

      • Indeed, your example states it well.
        Facebook or other soc network integration allows this aswell.
        Thibaut just watched Thor (2011) using Mizuu Movies.

        That could increase the amount of downloads of you app too…


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