The bug fix update is ready

Version has just been released on Android Market, and it’ll fix a couple of critical bugs in the latest version of Mizuu. Here’s the change log:

  • Fixes missing cover art bug in horizontal scroll view in Movies
  • Fixes rare crashes when trying to play movies
  • New naming conventions for TV shows (### and ####)
  • Updated widgets

The widgets have been updated, so they now show up to eight movies or TV shows at once. The design has also improved quite a bit, and I’ve made it less battery hungry. I’ve also added a title bar at the top of the widgets – press it and you’ll be taken straight to your movies or TV shows library – easy! Check them out in the above screenshot.

You can get it now on Android Market. The Lite version will follow within a day or so.


  1. Hey Michell thanks for the update and for adding the new naming conventions for TV Shows!! I don’t know if it’s only me though, but now none of my TV Shows get identified, I don’t know why…? I did a clean of the database so I get the ### and #### shows recognised, but then the message I got was that even the old shows that were previously identified were not able to be identified this time. Maybe is a bug, maybe is just me…

    Btw the widgets look much better now. Well done!

    • Hmm, that’s weird. I’ll have a look at it, perhaps something is acting up. Thanks for the feedback 🙂



  1. The latest version is now also available for Lite users | Bloggin' Mizuu - [...] Market. It’s that much of an update! This update includes all the changes in version 1.7.4, and [...]

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