Bug reports and feature suggestions

I’ve just added a couple of new features to the site – bug reports and feature suggestions.

Using these new features, you are now able to quickly report any bugs you may be experiencing and suggest any features, you’d like to see in the application.

The upcoming version 1.7.0 will also include an option to send me an e-mail with detailed information about your device, including model and OS version. This will be very helpful in dealing with any potential crashes or unwanted bugs.

Update! I’ve decided to remove the bug report feature, as this will be built directly into the application in a future update. This allows for much quicker and better crash / bug reports.


  1. Not quite sure where to sign up for the TV beta, but YOU KNOW I want in….. LOL


  2. Not sure where else to leave this.

    I am on an Acer iconia A500 w/ honeycomb 3.2. Great app, but since last update, but not the most recent ending 4.2 I think. Which by the way I can’t see in the market and the app keeps prompting to go get and the market does not have…but any how, most movie poster icons don’t link to being able to be played. They don’t do anything, you touch the picture and nothing happens…it use to work.
    I uninstalled and still same thing. I updated and deleted a refreshed movie file search. One now one works but the other new titles found and old movies that did work, now don’t.

    Is the newest update fix this? If yes, when will the market have it?

    • Hi Jon!

      I somehow forgot to activate the latest update, so it didn’t appear on Market. It should be there now. Please try it out and see if it fixes your problems. If not, feel free to send me an email and we’ll take it from there 🙂


      • The only thing I can figure is the update shows the movie but still won’t open it. Does thus app not have the ability to launch files stored on the external SD card. Do I have to store everything on the tablets memory?

        • Hi Jon,

          I’m not quite sure what you mean. The application is perfectly capable of using files on the external SD card. I’ll be happy to send you an e-mail and take it from there, as it’s easier to troubleshoot that way 🙂



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