Less chrome, more awesomeness

I just recorded a short video demoing some of the visual changes in the next Mizuu update. I’m trying to bring more focus to the actual content, so I’m using larger thumbnail images and I’m also taking advantage of the transparent menu bar at the top of the screen. Also, images are now loaded in a much better way – it’s quicker, more reliable and looks way cooler!

… and of course a few screenshots of “less chrome, more awesomeness” (click to enlarge):


  1. I can definitely notice it’s faster! And btw, you have great taste in movies lol

  2. looks perfect. can we have a TV optimized theme or a way to increase the font size. I have Mele A2000 connected to 50′ tv and TV optimized theme would have an amazing mizuu experience on tv

    • Hey man! Just googled a bit and it looks like the Mele A2000 outputs a 1080p signal. Mizuu hasn’t yet been designed to support that, so everything will look smaller on your device.

      With a bit of luck, I’ll be able to support these higher resolution devices with the upcoming update.


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