Some cool changes coming soon in the beta

One of the most commonly requested features – apart from network support, which is still going on strong – is the ability to get movie data in your native language. This has been part of Mizuu for some time, but it’s been a rather complicated feature to use and it hasn’t really worked all that well. I’m happy to say that this will soon be changing.

The option of manually identifying movies has been one of the things I’ve been working on lately, and I’ve been making some great progress. The most important new thing here is the addition of the “Search in [language] check box that you’ll find just below the search field.

It’ll automatically pick the same language as your system language – in my case Danish – and if you check it, Mizuu will return results for that particular language and it’ll also download all movie information and covers in that language, if available – otherwise, it’ll default to English for the unavailable parts.

Hopefully this will make things a lot easier for those of you, who’d like to get information in your native language.

Below is an example of what the difference is. The movie in question is a Danish movie called “Klovn: The Movie”, and the English title is simply “Klown”. If I search for “Klown the movie” without checking the check box, Mizuu will perform the search in English and return the English title (along with the English cover, original title and release date).


If I write the same search query, but check the check box, Mizuu will perform the search in Danish and will return the Danish title and cover. Pretty sweet, huh?


PS. You may have noticed that there’s a “Donate” button in the sidebar. Please don’t think of this as me trying to milk anyone. I quite often get asked if people can donate to support the development, so I decided to put it on the site. I will remove it if it’s too much of a distraction.

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