Another day, another update

These version numbers are getting more and more funny looking by each release – version has just hit Android Market, and you’ll find the change log right here:

  • Added setting to toggle the glossy cover effect
  • Fixed compatibility issue with some video players
  • Fixed video player screen timeout issue
  • Lots of widget improvements and new options
  • Minor UI improvements
  • Movie overview position no longer changes when updating cover art

It’s available on Android Market now, so ahead and update now on your tablet – it’s worth it, I promise… πŸ™‚ Lite users will have to wait a bit.

The next update will be version 1.7.5. This is a bigger update and it’ll take significantly more time to get it done, but I’m sure many of you will appreciate it once it’s done.

I can also tell you that Mizuu now consists of 15,500 lines of code. Never expected it to reach this scale, but I’m glad that it has and that you’re all in it with me πŸ™‚

Update:Β Some of you have been asking where the update is. I actually forgot to activate it when I uploaded it to Android Market, so it didn’t appear in Market. It should be fixed now πŸ™‚


  1. Any chance of this working on a 7″ Honeycomb Tablet(Acer A100)?

    • Hi Ted! Yeah, at some point in time, hopefully together with support for Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0).

  2. Oooh, widget choices! Im now running the 5 thumbnail one for movies and the 8 for TV. Thanks for including both!

    Question, are they supposed to change periodically? Doesnt seem to sometimes.

    • No problem!

      The widgets now use Android’s built-in update system, and I’ve set it to 15 minutes. However, the Android documentation states that the updates might not always occur at that given time, so I’m not entirely sure how often it updates, but I know it does update once in a while – even if the device is in sleep mode. The big thing is that you can now choose to manually refresh, and I think that’ll be a great thing for many people πŸ™‚

      • Indeed, it does seem to refresh occasionally and I agree that the manual refresh is great. Clever way to deal with the scrollable widget limitations. Thanks for all of the work on this.



  1. The latest version is now also available for Lite users | Bloggin' Mizuu - [...] Post navigation ← Previous [...]

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