What do you think of this design?

I’ve finally got some time to develop Mizuu and I’ve been looking to update the design of the movie details screen for quite some time.

Here’s a proposal of something that’s slightly different than the current design. I’ve gone for a style that focuses more on the content and less on the chrome. It’s got a dark gradient at the bottom that ensures that all text is readable.

What do you think of it? Press the screenshots to enlarge.

New design proposal:

Current design (for reference):

A few more screenshots of the new style after the break…


  1. I like it! Always look forward to Mizuu updates…this looks great (and looking forward to ‘collections’ too!)

  2. Definitely an improvement, great job! I think it would look even better if you moved the cover down a bit so it was more in line with the description.

    • Cheers! I’ve moved it down slightly already, but I don’t want to make the covers any smaller 🙂


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