Development update

Hi peeps!

I’ve been trying to set aside some time for Mizuu development lately, and I’ve finally got a pretty good setup going, so I can work on the application regardless of where I am or what computer I’m using. That helps quite a bit. I’ve also got improved version control now, so in the future it’ll be much easier for me to see parts of the code in previous builds if something goes wrong.

Another good thing is that I’ve now started an issue tracker on GitHub, which will be used for development in the future. The old Suggestions page on this site wasn’t really that great. It lacked overview, was spammed quite a bit and many suggestions were re-posted again and again. The issue tracker at GitHub will allow me to provide more updates with greater detail as to how I’m progressing with development of specific features / issues.

I’ve went through all suggestions on the old page and have transferred the most interesting ones to the issue tracker. The “Suggestions” link at the top and bottom of this page will now link to the issue tracker on GitHub.

Anyway, that was just a brief development update to let you guys know about the issue tracker. I hope to see some activity over at GitHub!

Update: Please don’t add issues regarding Chromecast. I’ve already expressed my thoughts on Chromecast in an earlier blog post, and it won’t be coming to Mizuu, as I think it should be implemented in video players rather than Mizuu.

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