Development update

Hi everyone!

I’ve just published an updated beta version for the paid users, and I thought I’d create a blog post to go along with it and talk about a few other things. Let’s start with the latter.

Free version is temporarily unavailable

As some of you have noticed, the free version of Mizuu is currently not available on Google Play. I decided that the issues with movie identification were pretty critical and that rendered the user experience sub-par. Sadly, I haven’t had the time to bring on a fixed version, so that’s why it’s unavailable. It’ll be available again when the next version gets released.

Automatic crash reports

Experiencing crashes is annoying and having to report them is even more annoying. I’ve decided to include automatic crash reports with the next version of Mizuu. This basically means that you won’t have to do anything. If the application crashes, I’ll know almost immediately and in most cases I’ll have sufficient information to understand and fix the issue. If you’re worried about your personal data – please don’t. No personal data is submitted and the crash reports are solely used for fixing issues.

You’ll still have the option to manually enter a note when experiencing a crash and I highly encourage you to do so, if you think the crash is complicated.

New beta version

Paid users will be able to update to a newer beta version in a few hours, if they’ve joined the beta program. This update brings quite a few things, but I’ll leave you with a few highlights:

  • Partially implemented custom movie covers for network files
  • Improved movie filename recognition (TV shows are next)
  • Greatly improved performance of various areas

I’d love to hear what you think of the improved filename recognition.

Next release version

The next release update will be out in roughly two weeks. I’ve got a lot on my plate at the moment, including an exam about Android development at university next week, but I think I’ll manage.


  1. Hi Michell
    I want to see mizuu work with xbmc
    Like take the all movies and tv in xbmc and add it without the need to search For it!!
    I love the tv and moives fanart i hope to see fanart in mizuu

    And you promise us for automatic sub search for movies and tv in this version !
    Did you add it ?

    And good luck in your exam
    Thanks alot!

    • The first thing probably won’t happen.

      Don’t believe I promised subtitle search for any specific version, but it will come eventually. Not in this version.


      • Hi Michell
        I was wrong about the subtitle search
        It was TV show tracking !!
        And you dont said what version will have it!!
        sorry about that
        Thanks alot

  2. So what’s the latest beta version number? I’ve got 2.2.2-beta installed, is that it?

  3. The new Version is nice…

    No errors when i switch between tv-shows and Movies

    The performance ist better then before and the new logo looks also nice.

    I can´t say anything to the Movie filename improvement. i will not load all again.
    but the Movies i have new since yesterday are all correctly detected.

    Tanks all these changes and all your nice work with the hole project! We Love Mizuu!!!

  4. a question: in the option is the posibility to set the buffer from 16 to 8KB. is it usefull to make it a little bit bigger? i have on my tablet often that the movie is stop fore a while. Movies playes over a nas server…

    • The video player will most likely fail if it’s any larger.

  5. Hi, I just discovered the ‘Similar Movies’ feature. However none of the Movies indexed by Mizuu show ‘Similar Movies’. Is this by design?

    • Yes, that’s by design. If you’ve selected a movie from your library, you’re most likely interested in either playing that movie or viewing actor details – not discover similar movies. If you’re browsing the movie discovery mode, then you’re most likely interested in discovering new stuff and that’s why it shows up there.

      • Hi, even if the movie is in my library, I am indeed interested in similar movies. An intelligent movie recommendation system based on my past viewing and rating history would be awesome. Maybe Google will do that, in this world of ‘Big Data’ we live in.

        • It’s not something I have any interest in implementing at this point in time, though. Sorry.

  6. When you show a list of (similar) movies, could you add their imdb rating on top of the movie poster? The ability to sort the Similar Movie list by imdb rating instead of release date would be awesome too.

    • Can’t do that. Imdb data isn’t available.

  7. But you are already doing the sort by rating for movies in the library, why not for similar movies likewise?

  8. Regarding trakt, could you add a link in Mizuu ‘open in trakt’ like you have ‘open in imdb’?

  9. One more request, could you add trakt ratings, as you already have imdb ratings? I am pretty sure that trakt should offer some easy to use APIs.

    • I have been thinking about switching to Trakt ratings, as these usually have more votes than TMDb, which I’m using at the moment. IMDb’s data isn’t available.

        • I’m very well aware of that site and the legal action that IMDb has taken to get it down. I’m also aware of the other site that was launched as a result of IMDb’s legal request. IMDb’s data isn’t officially available through an official open API.

          Regarding notifications of follow-up comments: I don’t know. It seems to be working for others. Maybe your e-mail is incorrect or the emails are ending up in your spam folder.

  10. Hi, I don’t know what’s wrong, but even when I check “Notify me of follow-up comments via email”, I never receive emails when you answer my posts (even checked my spam folder). Is this working for others?


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