Are you experiencing issues with TV show identification using UPnP? This might be why…

Hi guys!

It’s come to my attention that some UPnP servers / applications remove parts of file names when serving the files to clients. As such, I’ve now heard of a few cases where Mizuu has failed identifying lots of TV shows because of this.

It seems that certain solutions remove any index numbers from file names – i.e. “01 Test” becomes “Test”. That sucks since the “01” part could be an episode number and be crucial information for Mizuu when trying to identify content.

I’m not sure I’ll be able to change or fix this as it seems to be a server issue rather than a client issue, but a solution would be to not use that file naming convention if you’re using Mizuu with UPnP. Instead you should use one of the other common ones that don’t start with a number, i.e. “S##E##” or “{show title} ##x##”.

If you’re not sure if you’re affected by this, you can create a file called “01 Test.mkv” on your UPnP server, browse to the folder containing the file using Mizuu’s file browser and check if the file name has changed.

This was just a brief update to help those of you experiencing this issue. Thanks!


  1. Can I just remove “01” from say…. Pilot – s01e01.mp4? It used to be 01 – Pilot – s01e01.mp4.Still will be a ton of work but a little better. 🙂

    • Whoops, one more thing. The season / episode number stuff should be in the filename before anything else. If you’re using “Pilot – s01e01”, Mizuu will think that the show is called Pilot and search based on that.


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