Use custom movie data with Mizuu

Mizuu supports both custom cover art and movie information, i.e. title, plot, tagline, rating, runtime, and trailer link. You can manually change all data for movies in Mizuu.

Custom cover art
If you want to use your own cover art for a movie, this is naturally also supported. Mizuu currently supports two options:

  • {moviename}.jpg or {moviename}.jpeg or {moviename}.tbn
  • poster.jpg or poster.jpeg or poster.tbn

{moviename} means that the filename should be the exact same as the name of the video file. If your video file is called Avatar.mp4, you custom cover art image should be called Avatar.jpg for example.

The recommended image size for custom cover art is at least 550 x 374 pixels. You can use larger images (keeping the same aspect ratio), but they’ll be slower to load.

Custom fanart
If you want to use your own fanart or backdrop images, you can use one of two options:

  • {moviename}-fanart.jpg or {moviename}-fanart.jpeg or {moviename}-fanart.tbn
  • fanart.jpg or fanart.jpeg or fanart.tbn

The recommended image size is 1280 x 720 pixels for tablets or high resolution smartphones or 800 x 450 pixels for other smartphones.

Custom movie information
If you want to use your own movie information, you can create a .nfo file with the contents below in the same folder as the movie file, and make sure that the files have identical names. This means that the text file should be called “Avatar.nfo”, if the movie in question is called “Avatar.mp4”.

Example of a .nfo file:

 <title>Real Steel</title> (full title, excluding year)
 <rating>7.6</rating> (i.e. 5.8)
 <plot>A gritty, white-knuckle, action ride set in the near-future [...].</plot> (movie plot)
 <runtime>127</runtime> (movie runtime in minutes)
 <premiered>2011-10-07</premiered> (or <releasedate></releasedate> in yyyy-mm-dd format)
 <id>tt0433035</id> (IMDb ID including "tt")
 <tmdbid>39254</tmdbid> ( TMDb ID - needed to do cover art / backdrop searches)
 <genre>Action, Science Fiction, Sport, Drama</genre> (movie genres, separated by comma)
 <tagline>If you get one shot, make it real.</tagline> (movie tagline)
 <certification>PG-13</certification> (movie certification, i.e. PG-13)
 <trailer></trailer> (YouTube movie trailer link)

The parenthesis in the above example should be deleted in a real usable file. The changes will occur once you do a scan of the movie in question.

Manually editing existing movie data
You can also edit any existing movie data, if you want. This is particularly useful if you want to change the rating, certification, run time or perhaps fix an error in the title. Just hit the Menu key and select Edit Movie. You’ll be taken to a new screen with editable fields for all the movie information.