Set up movies & TV shows in Mizuu

Mizuu is capable of managing your favorite movies and TV shows. All you need to do is tell Mizuu where your media files are located. These locations are called file sources – you can set up separate file sources for movies and for TV shows, each located in their respective section of the application in the Update screen. You can easily swipe between file sources for Movies and TV shows.

If you add file sources in the Movies section, they’ll be added as movies, and likewise any file sources in the TV Shows section will be added as TV shows. It’s as simple as that.

What happens if no files are found?

Android natively supports a number of media formats, but some users want to view additional formats. Mizuu supports this, and there’s a setting to include unsupported file formats. The setting is called Include all file types and is found in the Identification & Search settings. It is enabled by default.

Mizuu will by default filter any files less than 50 MB in file size. If you want to include these small files, there’s a setting called Ignore small files in Identification & Search settings.

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