Videos aren’t being recognized

Mizuu recognizes movies and TV shows based on their file names, so it’s very important to make sure that the file names match the supported naming conventions. If your files aren’t recognized, it’s usually caused by incorrect naming of your video files and it’s fortunately very easy to fix.

Please see one of the questions below to get information on how to correctly name your video files for Mizuu.

Manually identify videos
If you don’t want to change the name of your files, you can manually identify your video files. Press the Menu key and then Identify movie (for movies) or Identify episode (for TV shows), enter your search criteria and select the result you want.

Please note that this is not a long-term fix, and that any incorrectly named files still won’t be recognized upon the next library update. The best way is to manually rename your video files to match the names on

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