Faster loading of web content

One of the changes in the next update will be significantly improved loading of content from the web. You’ll see these improvements when you’re browsing cover art, fanart, actor details, movie trailers, web videos and pretty much all other places where content comes from the web.

I’m sure most of you have been browsing cover art using Mizuu and come across something that may have looked like a bug. Mizuu currently may have to reload some images from the web multiple times if you’re scrolling through the grid of images, and that’s because the current version stores all temporary images in a small cache – let’s call it an image cache. A cache is basically a place where you can store a limited amount of data and quickly reload it when you need it. I’m using an image cache in order to cut down on the number of web requests when browsing web content. Needless to say that it’s a bit foolish to download the same image twice.

Anyway, like I said – the image cache is rather small and can only hold a limited number of images. That’s why it needs to load some images again, even if they have already previously been loaded. I’ll be changing this with the next update.

I’ll still be keeping the image cache, as it’s a really quick way to load images, but I’ll also be introducing a local temporary file cache. This basically means that if you’re browsing cover art, Mizuu will check if a local file exists for each image in the grid and then either load the image from the image cache (that’s the very fast way) or from the local file (fast way). If no file exists, it’ll download the file locally and put it into the image cache. The local file cache is cleared every time you leave the cover art browser, so it won’t take up any unnecessary storage space. It’s probably a bit hard to understand from my explanation, so I made this illustration to show how it works.

There are two major benefits of this upcoming change:

  • Potential reduction of network usage
  • Much faster loading of images that have already been loaded once

Anyway, just thought I’d give you a wee update on how things are moving along. Thanks for all your support 🙂

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