What’s been happening so far?

I’ve been doing lots of changes to Mizuu during the past week or so. Most of them have been changes “behind the scenes”, but some are very evident – like the change in the detailed view for TV shows.

Mizuu will now show a list of all episodes on the left side of the screen and there’s a drop-down menu to filter by seasons. As you can see from this screenshot, not everything’s ready just yet, i.e. I need to add one more button below “Actors” to even the space out – any ideas for a button? All done now – the fourth button is now an “Episodes” button that’ll hide / show the episode overview. There’ll also be a setting to set its default visibility.

Other visual changes so far include some new settings, new About menu, YouTube search in Movie Trailers (such a small thing, but it makes a world of difference), bug fixes, layout changes, library updates occur in the background and I’ve been working a lot on strings in the application – making everything easy to understand, and making sure that everything can be translated.

Anyway – at this point it’s mostly been a lot of code clean-up and restructuring to make room for better things.


  1. Possibly a button to download the selected episode or movie to your device.

    This will make sence in the v1.8 when you have NAS support. I use my device to stream content from my NAS so unfortunatly mizuu is redundant till v1.8 but cant wait till it happens. Sometimes i wish to store movies…tv shows on my tablet so it would be cool if a button could download the episode or movie from a NAS and then store in a designated folder on your tablet device. If the source was already from the device in the first place…so im guessing if the line started with mnt/tvshow…..instead of samba for example the button could be greyed out and not clickable.

    • Hey Dan!

      Thanks for the suggestion! Only a fraction of the users would use that feature, and I’m pretty sure that it wouldn’t be a frequently used feature among that group of users, so I’m not going to add it as one of the four buttons for the most used actions. If I add it, it’ll probably be in the drop-down menu.

      Having said that, I still believe there are other solutions out there – i.e. file explorers – that are better at doing this kind of stuff. And they already exist! 🙂

  2. you should add a button that hides the big episodes list on the left and goes to the “old * ” TV show overview (from where you will get back to this new screen with the list by pressing the episodes button)


    • Been thinking of something similar – good idea!

      Edit: Done!


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