Improvements to movie trailers

I’m happy to announce that I’ve decided to create my very own trailer service, which will be used in Mizuu. This means that movie trailers in Mizuu are going to get a lot better. The upcoming changes will introduce higher quality cover art, much faster loading and a totally revamped details view with lots of movie details.

Here’s what it looks like on a tablet:

… and here’s the smartphone view:

You’ll note that it looks a lot like the updated Movie details view, which I’ve shown you sneak previews of earlier, and that’s because it’s basically using the same awesome layout. Still a few things to do, but it looks pretty sweet, right?

Here’s a brief video demonstration… And before you ask: No, I didn’t do anything to edit or speed up this video. It really is that fast.


  1. You’re adding too many features to one update! Release it now and then put network support and whatever else in the next one. I really want that TV UI update NAOW! 😀

    • There’s plenty of stuff that still needs to be done before it can be released – even if you’re only counting the stuff I’ve already shown you guys. I can send you the current dev version, if you want an early look.

      • Yes please! That would be awesome


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