Would anyone be interested in TV show tracking?

I’d like to make Mizuu the best choice when it comes to movies and TV shows on your Android device, and I know that a few of you have been requesting some sort of TV show tracking. I’m seriously considering adding it to the next update, but I want to hear what you guys think first.

Here’s what I’m thinking:

I’ll implement the feature using Trakt.tv, so you’ll need an account with Trakt.tv in order to make use of the feature. Using Trakt.tv has a bunch of advantages, mainly that you’ll be able to sync your TV show tracking between devices – and of course on the web.

Also, I’d like to enable users to create a Trakt.tv account directly within Mizuu to make it as easy as possible. Once the account has been set up, you’ll be able to get your list of upcoming episodes and you can add TV shows you want to track.

I’d also like to add some sort of calendar integration, so Mizuu will add appointments to your calendar to remind you when the episodes are about to air.

My only real concern is that the servers at Trakt.tv aren’t that powerful and I’ve experienced several outages in just a few hours while checking out some of the more advanced parts of the API.

So… What do you think? Any suggestions? Let me know in the comments.

Update:Β So, I’ll definitely be adding this functionality. It just won’t be in the next update, as I’ll need a bit more time for testing. It’ll be in version 2.3, which is expected around mid June.


  1. Good idea
    It will be amazing to have tv guide
    I hope you add it to the next update

    • Which features do you think are needed? I mean, the absolute basics. I’ll be able to add more advanced stuff later on.

  2. Is this kind of like TVSHOWFAVS? If so, I’m in!!! Yes……. BTW….. I have a bug for you. I’ll send it when I can get to a computer.

    • Yeah, Jim – something like that!

      Cool, bugs! I’m waiting πŸ™‚

    • Hi Jim, have you sent the crash report yet?

  3. To have tv guide in a tab
    I really dont need to have reminder in calendar !!
    I just want it to remind me in notifications
    That will be better

    • The calendar uses notifications as well, and it has the advantage of syncing across devices as well. That’s why I’m thinking about using that.

  4. As a personal choice, I am *not* interested in TV shows. I am interested in Home Videos. For example:

    Google Play has 2 sections: “Movies”, “Personal Videos”
    Plex has 5 sections: “Movies”, “TV Shows”, “Home Movies”, “Music” “Photos”
    DS Video has 5 sections: “Movie” “TV Show” “Home Video”, “TV Recording”, “Collection”.
    Archos Video has 3 sections: “Movies” “TV shows” “All videos”

    Mizuu concentrates only on Movies and TV Shows. Don’t read me wrong, Mizuu does a much better job at this than all the apps mentioned above. But this limits drastically my usage of Mizuu, as most of my Videos are Personal Videos.

    I understand it is important (and fun) for you to put some effort developing TV Shows, but do not underestimate the importance of “Personal Videos” “Home Movies” “Home Video” “All videos” however you want to call it in Mizuu.

    • Hi!

      What kind of information do you think is required to display with home videos? I mean, with movies Mizuu displays the title, description, runtime, etc. Which fields should home videos have?

      • Hi Michell,

        Thanks for taking this seriously. It would not need to display a lot of information, basically in the tile view, snapshot of the video and file name. FYI this is how it looks in:

        DS Video http://img153.imageshack.us/img153/794/screenshot2013042318384.jpg
        Plex/Web http://img844.imageshack.us/img844/2360/screenshot2013042318394.png
        Archos http://img834.imageshack.us/img834/6182/screenshot2013042318443.png
        Google Play http://img545.imageshack.us/img545/4267/screenshot2013042318451.png

        For each individual file, basic info to display is limited: video year, video duration. Nothing more, really.

        • The biggest issue might seem rather trivial, but it’s pretty serious: Thumbnails of the video files. It’s incredibly easy to do with local content, but it’s really complicated with network files. Also, if I do manage to pull it off, it’ll be limited to support the file formats that Android supports natively.

          • I see, I can understand the issue now. 2 of these apps (Plex and DS Video) actually have their agents running on the NAS, so they have an edge over Mizuu.

            Having said that, 3 others (Archos, BubbleUPnP, Serenity for Plex) don’t and they manage to get the thumbnails. I just need to select “Plex Media Server” (the other choice being “DS Synology”) from the list of Media Servers (UPnP). So I guess they get the thumbnail from the Plex Media Server. Mizuu could do the same.

            Worst case, you could display the list without the thumbnails, just the title. That would be a step forward in the right direction.

        • I’ll just reply here:

          All of those have a way of rendering the thumbnails. Archos is a video player, so it can just use its video decoding and same goes for BubbleUPnP. Plex runs on a server that can do the decoding and simply serve the thumbnails from that.

          I’ll probably just stick with placeholder images to begin with.

          • HI, I’ve just tried ArkMC, a DLNA UPnP Media Centre on Android. It detects Plex on my home network and gets all the thumbnails from Plex. ArkMC is just a piece of software running on my tablet, it does not require a media server of its own.

            Could you not pull the same trick for Mizuu and index Home videos as well?

        • Replying here to avoid the comment system cutting the message:

          All DLNA software has a rendering component that can be used, same goes for the one you mentione.

          • So can you use these DLNA rendering components to add a Home Video section to Mizuu?

            • If only things were that simple πŸ™‚

  5. I would love a clever integration with the watch list. In general, I think the watch list would make more sense for TV shows than for Movies. I’m thinking of a scenario, where that other app legally and automatically downloads new episodes based on RSS feeds, and Mizuu adds the new files to the watchlist, so I can sit down after a hard work day and just hit the play button.

    Asking here at the forums is a great idea, because I think people have different behaviours in watching and following TV shows, and making some research can help Mizuu stand out by creating a flawless experience.

    • I agree, the watch list should work for TV shows as well. Some sort of integration between local content and web content would be cool, but that’s pretty advanced stuff, and I’m only looking to get the basics now.

      RSS feeds is also a pretty interesting idea. Not a priority at the moment, though πŸ™‚

  6. Deeper trakt integration would be completely awesome. There are a lot of apps that do this quite well but to be honest, none quite matches Mizuu for beauty (I’m mainly thinking out TV Showsfavs and Seriesguide X here), not to mention integration with the actual media library app would be great. Obviously I would expect Mizuu to automatically tag episodes watched when I watch them using Mizuu, but I still think manual tagging would be a must just as a backup.

    I second Matth’s suggestion for integration with the watch list, since I have a NAS running Sick Beard that handles my downloads. Mizuu could then periodically search for the new episodes once they’ve been aired and add them to the watch list when the NAS finishes downloading.

    I have to say I’m not a great fan of calender appointments either. I would much rather have some sort of widget that lists upcoming and recent (unwatched) episodes, but maybe that’s just me.

    Anyway, keep up the great work!

    • Hey!

      I am planning on adding great integration with Trakt. At the moment, all it does is perform a check in when you start playing a movie or TV show episode, but I’d like to go much deeper than that.

      Thanks for the feedback!

  7. Tracking what I’m watching has never been at the top of my wish list however…

    Calendar integration for upcoming TV shows sounds fabulous! I’ve wanted something like that for years. I didn’t know trak.tv had that capability. Oh well. Proceed πŸ˜›

  8. Thank you for integrating trakt! What really would be nice (besides the “scrobbling”) is manually rate, mark as seen/unseen and check-in / movies and shows.

    Also, automatically update the Mizuu DB from trakt (marked as seen etc)

    That would fulfill all my wishes. πŸ™‚
    Thank you for doing this. Can’t wait for the update..

    • Yep, doing something like this as well! Check-in’s happen automatically when you press play on a movie or TV show episode.

  9. Also, automatically update the Mizuu DB from trakt (marked as seen etc)
    => +1


  10. I don’t know Trakt.tv, but if the servers are not so good as you implied, please keep in mind many naive users (myself included) would blame MIZUU when the function failed to work – bad reputation for you. I would love a tracking function though, but can it be a simple tick-box type of arrangement within Mizuu itself? And a simple way to reset the entire series to “unwatched” so that I can start again and start tracking again. I watch series over and over and over (I need to get out more). Just my thoughts. πŸ™‚

    • It turns out that Trakt is actually pretty stable. The instability was caused by a massive 40x increase in traffic and user registrations due to an iOS application getting featured. Sadly, the majority of the traffic came during the night for the developers at Trakt, but they fixed it by adding more severs in the morning. It’ll be good πŸ™‚

  11. Yes! Add trakt.tv support please!

  12. Hello Michell,

    which things will you all add?

    Is this than possible that all movies in Mizuu automatic in the Trakt market as “in collection”?
    since now im not jused Trakt, but the funktionality are very great, and if all will syncron on my tablet and MobilePhone it will be realy a very good thing!!!

    Tanks for this!

    • Hi Bobby!

      I’ve added cross-sync of favourites, watched status and watchlist. If you’ve got 100 movies in your library that are favourites, but haven’t marked them as favourites on Trakt, Mizuu will do that for you, and vice versa.

      The sync process happens every time you’ve updated either the movies library or TV shows library.

      • sounds realy greate!!!!


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