Join the Mizuu community on Google+

I’ve just created a Mizuu community on Google+ where you guys can talk about Mizuu, and provide feedback and report bugs. Also, I’ve added a to-do list section in which I’ll be keeping track of upcoming stuff. It’s 3.30 AM here, and I’m a bit tired, so it’s incomplete at the moment, but I’ve put a few things there to get things started.

If you’ve got any ideas, please feel free to share them. I’ll be using the community page quite actively to keep track of the development. I’m used to using text files to keep track of the development, but I’ve decided to scrap them and use Google+ exclusively, so you’ll get all the insight on my plans. At least once I get all the stuff added.

So yeah, swing by the community and say hi. Also, if you don’t already do it, please see the Mizuu page on Google+.

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