Another large beta update is out


If you’re using the beta version of Mizuu – which you really should by now – you’ll soon be prompted that an update is available. Version 06032013 is out, and it includes a number of new features by popular demand.

Changes in v06032013:

  • Added option to define custom tags to ignore when Mizuu identifies files.
  • Added option to ignore removed files in future library updates
  • Added option to confirm application exit (double press Back-button to exit application)
  • Added option to display or hide movie and TV show titles in the detailed view
  • Added “Similar movies” tab when viewing non-local movies
  • Fixed a few crashes, issues with Reddit videos and a few cases where certain application settings had no effect
  • Improved library views when no content is present
  • Movie and TV show detail fields are no longer shown if the related data isn’t available
  • Release dates are now presented in a localized way
  • Runtime information is now presented as hours and minutes, if a movie / TV show has a runtime of an hour or more.
  • Various memory optimizations


  1. Hey Michell!
    Great update! I’ll try this soon.

    So, when we have two files for one movie (like Movie cd 1 and Movie cd 2 for example) in the same folder, on main this show two movies, not one. (Sorry for my english).

    • Hi Bruno!

      The files need to end with “cd1” and “cd2” (or “part1” and “part2”) in order for it to work. “cd 1” won’t work, and neither will “part 1” – for rather obvious reasons.

    • Can you add it for Movies wich has three Parts or more?
      cd1, cd2, cd3, cd4
      I Know to have more Parts its not good but if i have such it will be nice it is one no three covers. THX

      • Err, yeah. Didn’t really think there’d be many cases of more than two split files 🙂

        But sure, I’ll add it on my to-do list. Won’t be in the next update, though.

  2. Hello Michel,

    Great Update!!!

    Errors i detekted.

    – if i set the new ignore previously removed…” on and choose now ignored files then mizzu closed.
    – The movies without genre not shown if i choose them

    • Hmm, please report the crash. Sounds strange.

      Not sure what you mean regarding the genre stuff – please elaborate 🙂

      Edit: I see there’s already a report, will look into that.

      Edit 2: It’ll crash on anything older than Android 4.1. I’ll fix that.

      Edit 3: There’s an update going on Google Play right now. It’ll fix it.

    • The error with the Genres is the old error i postet times before.
      in The movie-section i can choose genres. then i choose the first afte all genres. it is just the number of movies. it looks like this: “(17)” these are all movies wich no Genre. And then there nothing change. it must apear these 17 Movies, but all movies are shown.

      • Ah yes, right. It should just not list any movies if there aren’t any genres linked to the movies.

      • you remove the selction?
        it will be usefull to find out which movie is without an Genre and add it by myself.
        Can you add it like this? “wihtout genre (XX)”

        • Yeah, I don’t really think it’s very useful. Most people will press “Genres” to find movies based on the genre. An entry like “No genres” is pretty useless for anything but getting an idea of which movies don’t have a genre.

  3. i applied this update, then reopen mizuu but all movie infos and images (cover arts, bakcgroups are gone). i can provide screenshot if you want.

    • Sorry, but there’s simply no way an update can do that. It’s caused by either you or another application removing files from the device’s internal memory. Check /data/com.miz.mizuu_beta on your device’s primary memory storage.

  4. i don’t know what happened sir, my device is an android tv stick and mainly used for watching movies. i see files are there sir, but mizuu not loading them. i am updating the movie database now. thanks.

    • There’s definitely nothing in Mizuu that’d delete your files when updating. I guess the easiest thing is simply to clear the libraries and re-update. Cheers!

  5. Great app sir!!!

  6. Just found your app on Google Play store and loaded it onto my Pocket TV from Infinitec. I have been using Plex on the PTV to stream my shares from a desktop computer. Your program has a very clean look and would make it very easy to use for playing movies and TV shows that I have stored. One problem I find is that only a small selection of movies or shows will play. I have MX Player, Dice Player and a basic player loaded on the PTV which will play the movies on there own. Selecting any of the three only works on a couple video. If it worked for all I think this would be my player for shows and movies as it looks great and is simple which is good for the wife to be using. Also trying the nightly build of XBMC which works but a lot more menues to sort thru for my liking. Keep up the great work. I will be playing with the program and my PTV to see if there is something I can do to get it working fully. FYI – The PTV is running ICS4.04 and I loaded the beta version of your program.

    • Hi Stew!

      The problems may be caused by a few different things. Either the video players aren’t able to decode the videos using the hardware in your device, or alternatively hardware decoding is disabled when playing videos over a network. I know that’s the default setting for MX Player.

  7. Thanks for the quick response. I will play will some of the setting in both programs. As mentioned my video play great when initiating directly and was a little surprised they did not play when selecting the player in Mizuu. The PTV is still working out the kinks in its own software which may cause some the this also. Stew

    • It’s likely due to a network setting in the player(s). Alternatively, you can go to advanced settings in Mizuu and try to enable the “Ignore file format when playing videos” setting. It’s not recommended, though.

  8. Played with this a little and got the shares working. Seems I did not have the Window 8 permission set proper. Now I can access and play my shows stored on a remote hard drive attached to my computer. I really like the interface and should make it simple for the wife to use. One thing I would like to see is some other groupings then just the Movies and TV Shows. I have some personal video stored on the drive so another tag like “Other Video” is a place you could put videos that do not really fall into the current categories. The streaming tabs for trailers and Web Videos work well. Thanks Stew


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