The latest version is now also available for Lite users

I’m happy to say that users of the Lite version of Mizuu can now also update to the latest version of the application, and enjoy many of the great new features and improvements.

The change log was actually so extensive that I had to shorten it down considerably to make it fit on Android Market. It’s that much of an update! This update includes all the changes in version 1.7.4, and

One of the advantages of being a paid user is that you get updates much quicker.

You can download the Lite version of Mizuu right here – have fun!

Update: I forgot to add some code specific to the Lite version, so it’ll currently crash if you try to press the “upgrade to full version” banner.

2nd update: The Lite version will now prompt you that there’s an update available again – it’s still version, but it fixes the above mentioned issue.

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