Look ma – it’s streaming!

After quite a bit of work (and a few Red Bulls), I’m finally ready to show you a brief example of network support. It’s still very buggy and far from complete, but it’s a good sign of progress.

The  video being played is streamed with Mizuu on my Galaxy Nexus. The lag is probably caused by the network connection. The video being played is a 720p MKV file with a video bitrate of roughly 4,200 Kbps.

PS. Sorry about the video quality. This was recorded on my Transformer Prime in half-bad lighting conditions.


  1. Yes!!! I need this to make my Seagate Satellite worthwhile…

    Thanks for the update

  2. Looks excellent! Really looking forward to when it’s done.

  3. aWESOME!~ been waiting on this!!!

  4. Hey Michell,

    Just wondering if you can give an update on the streaming part of your next update? Once again, much appreciated by all your hard work on this…

    • Hi Ralph,

      I’ve unfortunately been without access to a NAS for the past two weeks, so I haven’t had much of a chance to develop more on network support. It’s kind of hard without being able to try it out. I’ve spent some time working on other things, though, so time’s not wasted! 🙂


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