Major changes are incoming

Hi guys!

Just thought I’d write a quick blog post about some pretty hefty changes that will be coming in the next update(s).

First of all, the visual design style gets updated. This is something you’ll notice in grid views particularly. A cool new thing is that grid views will be able to show information relevant to the sorting option. I’ve included some examples below:


Sorting by: Title, release date, run time.


Sorting by: Rating, weighted rating (compatibility), date added.

The subtitle changes according to the selected sorting option. I think it’s a pretty nice touch. I’ve also been able to squeeze out quite a bit of extra performance to further reduce lag when scrolling.

Also thought I’d include a bit of a teaser of something else to come…


Take care until next time!


  1. All these changes looks very nice!!!

    When will these update come?

    Grettings Bobby

    • It’ll take a bit, but I’ll try to do it as fast as I can 🙂


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