Mizuu gets multilingual with version 2.6.1


Hi peeps!

I’ve just published version 2.6.1, which is a minor update, but I highly encourage everyone to go and grab it regardless. It includes a number of performance improvements. If you’ve been experiencing sluggish performance with image loading, this should help quite a bit. Still not perfect, but it’s getting better. It’s actually quite ironic – it seems like the sluggishness is caused by the application being able to load the images too quickly.

Other than that, it adds updated translations for the six languages that were supported in previous versions, and adds translations for 11 more languages. You’ll be able to see the full list of languages below. Some of the translations may be a bit rough or incomplete. I highly suggest anyone who’s willing to help to check out translate.mizuu.tv. As always, you can simply opt-out of the translations in the application settings, if you don’t want the application localized.

Languages supported in 2.6.1:

  • Arabic (NEW!)
  • Czech (NEW!)
  • Danish
  • German
  • Spanish (NEW!)
  • Finnish (NEW!)
  • French
  • Hebrew (NEW!)
  • Croatian (NEW!)
  • Hungarian (NEW!)
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Polish (NEW!)
  • Portuguese
  • Romanian (NEW!)
  • Swedish (NEW!)
  • Turkish (NEW!)

A big thanks to all the translators! And as always, it’ll be available within a few hours.


  1. Scrolling is still very sluggish on the TV section, but fairly smooth in the Movies section. The scrolling stutters and stops when thumbnails load for TV shows. Not too big a deal, and I’m sure you’ll get it sorted out soon.

    It is like this on my stock Nexus 7 2013, but pretty smooth on my Nexus 5. Thanks for the great work.

    • Hi Hunter!

      Appreciate the feedback. I really don’t get it, though. The code is the exact same in both areas of the app. It should perform the same. Well, it should actually be a tad better, as the TV show stuff contains fewer conditional statements in the code.

      Edit: The TV show cover images are roughly 1.8x larger than the movie cover images… 680 x 1000 pixels versus 500 x 750 pixels. That might be what’s causing it. I actually thought Mizuu resized them to be the same size.

  2. If you need any other info from me in order to troubleshoot it, just let me know. I can make a video of it if you’d like. Thanks!

    • No problem, I think I know what’s causing it 🙂


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