Mizuu has been removed from Google Play

Hi guys,

Earlier today, I received an e-mail from Google Play support, notifying me that Mizuu has been removed from Google Play. Apparently, the application violates the part of the content policy regarding sexually explicit content. Naturally, I disagree with this decision. If this was the violation, Google would have to remove a lot of popular applications – including their own Chrome browser, as it can access sexually explicit content as well.

I wrote a post regarding the removal on Google+. You can find that post here:

Here’s a screenshot of the e-mail I received:


I’ll update this when I know more.

Update #1: I have received an update from the Google Play support team. Apparently, they’ve reviewed my appeal and won’t be reinstating it. Also, that decision is apparently final. Great stuff, Google. Great stuff…


  1. Total BS. They should remove chrome then because I could easily see sexual content in their own browser. It’s not like mizuu searches for sexual content on its own. If anything it works like chrome browser does when searching for material. Its what the user searches for that matters.

    • Oh yes. Guess that’s just how Google works… 🙁

  2. What a joke… I hope everything will be sorted out. Good luck.

  3. What will you do?

  4. WTF! all this hard work and they cant see it a great app.

  5. Google has long since stopped believing in “Don’t be evil”. They are not yet evil, but this constant forcing of Google+ is not cool. They have always been unapproachable when trying to fix things when they go wrong. But these days, there is no doubt, that they have become the kind of dicks that eventually pushed me away from Microsoft and later Apple. Oh well, nothing lasts.

    Hope some sense and your app is restored.

  6. How can I get a copy of the apk now? I bought the app and often need to install it on my Android Media Player if there is a new Firmware coming.

  7. jerkoffs – really oO
    what a stupid reason to remove the app “u can load sexual content”
    and demetrius ->> damn,thats a good comment ^^ -> remove crome because of the way u can see sexual content.
    the whole sytsem of google is bs -.-
    there are so many other ways to see sexual content and the developer placed a option to remove sexual content by default inside mizuu so wtf???
    i hope u will find a way to bring us more good updates of ur genius stuff.

  8. Very weird decision by Google. I suggesties writing them again. ..

  9. Hi guys! I’ll have a solution ready later today, which will hopefully work out for all of you. Keep an eye on the site.

  10. please find a way to share updates for all buyers of your great app in the future, please. i haven`t get version 2.8 through google play. i missed this update. that`s a petty. thank you for your work michell.

  11. @ Alexander
    I can’t find your review??? did they delete or filter unwanted reviews??? or take it a bit of time to be checked by admin before releasing it?

    • hmm cant find it, weird. I reported Chrome in the Android AppStore for sexually explicit content :p
      but IMDB does not show covers for 18+ movies, so guess that would be the solution to block them out.

  12. very pity, but the same happend to many other usefull apps

  13. I still see it for sale in the app store.


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