Mizuu widgets on your lockscreen

Android 4.2 introduces cool lockscreen widgets, and I’d naturally like to support that. With the next beta version, any users on Android 4.2 will be able to use the four Mizuu widgets on the lockscreen.

Update: It’s in the beta version now. Enjoy 🙂


  1. Good stuff!

  2. you’re doing awesome work here. Thanks!

  3. hi
    can you take the trailer from apple site
    see this http://trailers.apple.com/movies/sony_pictures/skyfall/skyfall-tlr2_h1080p.mov
    it will better than youtube !!!
    to see the trailers from the orginal app !!!
    not from youtube app!

    and there are amazing site call real-debird
    it will be amazing if you can work them !!!
    i can watch hulu &cbs and much more with them!!!
    if but it in new tab (VOD)


    • Nope, can’t do that. Your phone won’t be able to play 1080p MOV files anyway.

  4. hi
    okay no problem
    i have tablet and phone
    i want to know what tablet or phone you use !!

  5. Hi Michell,

    Are you abandoning the localization project?

    • Hi Meshal!

      Not sure if you’re referring to translations or localized video data, but I’m not abandoning neither.

      I can’t really do translations right now, as a lot of stuff is being added, removed and re-written during development, but I’m going to open up for that as soon as I’ve got the final strings. When that happens, Mizuu will use the system language by default (if available), and there’ll also be an option in the application settings to override the language to English.

      Regarding localized data – that’s something I’m actually working on as we speak, and it’ll be in the beta version shortly 🙂

      • I was referring to translating the app itself.

        As for localized video data, I don’t have problem with that. Mizuu takes the data from open-source data bases, which i can always go back to and add translations if they are not present. I really don’t see how you can improve this, but i will let you surprise us!

        Anyways, glad you’re not abandoning translations. 🙂

    • Thanks, I’ll see what I can do. Which device are you running this on?

  6. asus padfone 2

    • Really? I can’t imagine it wouldn’t work on that device. It’s working fine on my Galaxy Nexus, which is the same screen size and resolution. Would you mind sending me a full resolution screenshot?

  7. hi
    i send to you the full resolution screenshot
    to your mail

  8. Mizuu and Medi is the only two apps i have found that are almost perfect. they both lag FTP server support. i know that XBMC is up in Beta for Android by now, but that is somehow to massive and a platform of its own. i would at any time prefer the simple sleek Mizuu media organizer, but i need FTP support. When can that be expected?

    • I’m not sure about FTP. If it’s coming, then it’ll be after Samba support. No ETA on that either.


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