Movie recognition is getting better

I’ve been working on improving movie recognition in Mizuu lately and it’s looking very good.

One of the biggest problems with movie recognition is that several movies can have identical or similar titles, and it can be very hard for an application to know which one is the correct one. Fortunately, Mizuu is getting better at this.

Mizuu will soon begin to make decisions based on the popularity of the movies. A search for “New Year’s Eve” currently returns “Grateful Dead: Ticket to New Year’s Eve Concert”, which is not only the wrong result but also a less popular movie. Now, Mizuu will be able to spot this and make its decision based on that.

Naturally, this is something I have to be careful about… A search for “Cars 2” will also include the movie “John Carter”, which is currently more popular, but Mizuu still needs to be able to find the correct movie. I’ve found a pretty sweet way to do this, so your results should hopefully be considerably better in the future.

The best way to ensure that your movies are correctly identified is and will always be to name your files correctly and include the release year in the filename, but it’s a good step in the right direction. The changes will be part of the next nightly build.


  1. I have Super (2010) starring Rainn Wilson and Mizuu adds it currently as Kick-ass. Understandable as the latter is a much more popular movie, but do you think this will get fixed with these changes? Probably not?

    • That doesn’t really make any sense. I’d be interested to know the filename of that movie.

      • Super (2010).mp4

        • Weird. Try the latest nightly and see if it’s better.


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