Movie search has been broken since yesterday

Hi guys,

The movie database updated its search API yesterday, and will now – by default – not work with release years in searches. Since this is the recommended way to name files with Mizuu, some of you will have noticed that your search results are now worse. Sadly, I can’t do anything about it for any current versions, but I’ll have it fixed in the next version of Mizuu. It’ll be released next week.

Update (13th of May): Another issue with the API was fixed a few hours ago, and the changes should be reflected in the API some time Tuesday (14th of May). The update for Mizuu will be out near the end of this week.


  1. i think it is better to give the user an option of another scrapper like IMDB

    • Imdb doesn’t allow developers to use their data, so that’s not possible. I don’t want to do something that’s against their guidelines.

      The changes to search on the movie database are – in general – very positive. It’s significantly faster and results will get better. In order to make those changes, however, they needed to make sure that the search query only includes the movie title and that the year is submitted as a different parameter.

  2. Thanks Michell for the fast feedback , I was having a look in XBMC and found out that it can change the datasource to imdb
    It is in the setting of their universal movie scrapper there is a setting of movie data base source , the default is TMDB but the
    IMDB is an available option too.

    The problem is most of my movies and i think that generally most of current movie formats
    Include the year , so when i checked with my collection of 112 movies it only recognized 2 of them ,

    Also XBMC couldn’t recognize my collection as it defaults to TMDB , but after i changed the movie scrapper to IMDB about
    103 of them are recognized again (may be they have a special agreement with IMDB or something ?)

    • There’ll be an update next week, which fixes the issue and similar things won’t happen again after that update.

      As for imdb in xbmc: first of all, they’re not using the data commercially. Secondly, I think that plugin is made by someone from the community and isn’t directly related to xbmc, I.e. you can have xbmc without having that plugin.

      Tmdb has a lot of advantages that imdb simply don’t. Backdrop images is a huge advantage, and there are lots of other data that simply isn’t available on IMDb.

  3. Thanks a ton Michell this explained a lot as i always wondered why nearly all media center software and hardware media players
    Like WDTV Always used TMDB.

    Excellect support and outstanding software , currently there isn’t really anything like it , i was using XBMC as a temp solution
    Until the next version of Mizuu is released as i find your software much easier to use with touch controls.


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