Movie updates are getting faster

I just completed work on making movie updates a bit faster.

In my test setup, I did a complete library update with 56 movies. Mizuu downloads details, cover art and backdrop images for each movie.

The test took 255 seconds to complete before the changes, and it now takes 180 seconds. That’s a pretty sweet improvement fromĀ 4.55 seconds per movie to 3.23 seconds per movie on average.

The changes will be part of the next nightly build, coming this weekend.

Update: Now available.


  1. I love this app!

  2. Very Nice!!!!

  3. Updating the database may have gotten faster but first opening the Movies section and having the covers displayed has gotten slower in the last few betas. I have gone back to the ‘Mizuu_nightly_build [08312012].apk’ as that one populates the covers pretty quickly.

    • Hmm, that sounds weird. Do you have USB debugging enabled on your device? If so, it’ll slow down the displaying of covers, as it logs a lot of things.

  4. Yes, turning off Debugging made things faster but on the older version all works well all the time. The Beta tends to not show covers after an update. It does in turn show covers faster with debugging off but where did the covers go? Now this is a single unit with both installs on it and I have not looked to see if it may be a folder/file issue..

    • I’d recommend you to disable debugging unless you use it, at least while using the betas. Sometimes it’s necessary for me to log various things, and this does slow down the application if debugging is enabled on your device.

      Can you send me a screenshot of what you mean regarding covers going missing?

      The beta should use a different folder for its data, so I can’t imagine that being an issue.


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