Network support coming to the beta this week


Got some good news for you guys!

Network support is finally coming to Mizuu, and you’ll be able to try it out this week. It’ll be in the beta version first to get your feedback and any potential bug reports.

Here’s a brief break-down of what to expect at this point:

  • You’ll be able to browse Samba (SMB / CIFS) compatible shares and stream video from these shares
  • Regular video playback works in all video players I’ve tested
  • Video skipping/seeking is supported in most popular video players, i.e. MX Player works, but Dice Player doesn’t. Update: This should work with all video players now.
  • If the video player requests a subtitle file, this will be served along with the video stream
  • My testing shows that it’s perfectly capable of streaming 1080p content, but that naturally depends on the specific network configuration, so your mileage may vary
  • Custom movie data won’t work with network files to begin with, i.e. no support for XML files with meta data or custom cover art
  • It should work with regular IP address, host names, domains, anonymous / guest users and of course regular user accounts

So, when will you be able to try it out? This week. Can’t be more specific than that, but I’m planning on working pretty much all hours of the week on it and I’ve come a long way already.

Also, sorry about the lack of updates on the blog. Had a lot on my plate during Christmas and New Years, and lots of stuff in the days following that. Got a lot of spare time right now, so you know what I’ll be working on!


  1. Awesome work Michell! Can’t wait to get this on my Google TV! I’m tired of fail media centre apps. Finally a fine working one =)

  2. aaaaaaaaaaawwww yeah!

    thank you very much!

  3. Its now up against Archos Video Player and DSVideo (if you have a Synology NAS). Fingers crossed.

    • Honestly, I don’t think much of DS Video. Sure, it’s a cool service and it’s in beta, so knowing Synology it’ll likely get better, but it lacks a lot of features compared to Mizuu. I really like Synology, though, and it’s awesome that they’re doing this kind of stuff.

      Archos is quite cool, quite expensive and quite limited as well, i.e. it’s not possible to play videos using other installed video players (correct me if I’m wrong).

  4. You’re right, they are both very good but both flawed. That’s why I’ve got such high hopes for Mizuu. But at least if Mizuu doesn’t work out both the apps we’ve mentioned are plenty good enough. By some distance.


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