Network support is imminent!

I’m happy to say that network support for Samba shares is coming along nicely. It’s speedy, capable of seeking in videos and I’ll soon add support for subtitles as well. It’s also pretty stable. Need to iron out a few bugs, but that’s what the nightly builds are for 🙂

I’ve been working on network support in a separate project with the developer of Solid Explorer (huge shoutout!), so I need to combine that with Mizuu and also add some other stuff first, but I’m hoping to get it in a nightly build relatively soon for you guys to try out. I don’t expect it to work on all configurations at first, but we’ll hopefully get there in time.

PS. I released the third nightly build earlier today. I’ve been working a lot on improving actor details for movies, so I’d love for all interested testers to try it out. Nightly builds are posted on a regular basis and I don’t plan on informing anyone of newer builds, so please check the site once in a while if you want to stay updated.

Update: The third nightly build is corrupted and crashes, so it’s currently unavailable. I’ve replaced it with the previous build for now.


  1. Damn I’ve been constantly checking the blog for a new build and only just realised you’ve been updating that link :S


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