New update: Adds polish, welcomes 7-inch tablets

I’ve just released another small update to Mizuu because I felt it was rather important to get the changes out as quickly as possible. VersionΒ is basically a small update that adds quite a bit of polish for various devices.

One very important change is the fact that the horizontal scroll view has been revamped, and no longer “lags” or “jumps” when loading the next item. Also, the new version adds support for 7-inch tablets with a screen resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels, i.e. the Acer Iconia A100. Technically, it should also work on the HTC Flyer, but it’s not showing up… HTC must have done something weird with it or maybe Market hasn’t updated its device specifications for the Flyer.

Version changelog:

  • Adds support for some 7-inch devices
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Reduced memory usage for backdrops
  • Some minor layout changes
  • Widget bug fixes

So… Go ahead and download it from Android Market now! The free version will also be updated this weekend – I promise! πŸ™‚


  1. Love, love, love this application. I can’t say enough. Absolutely the best support around. The app is Muzagical!

    • Thanks again, Shauna! πŸ™‚


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