New nightly build

Hi guys!

I’ve just uploaded a new nightly build. It’s got quite a few changes compared to the last one. I haven’t listed all changes in the overview, but here are some of the changes:

  • Changed the way images load
  • Made some changes to the movie details view (work in progress…)
  • Updated Trailers section with Upcoming / Now Playing views
  • Updated TV shows with tabs

I’ve also got some other good news for those of you who are following Mizuu and the development closely. I am actively going to publish nightly builds now. There probably won’t be a lot of changes between each build, and I might also fix bugs and introduce new bugs with each iteration, but I’ll try to do at least one hour of programming each day now. I’ve still got a pretty tight schedule, but I should be able to make it work. (Update: Seems to be working fine. Working on a pretty sweet change…)

Another piece of good news is that I’m getting a Google TV development unit from the good folks at Google. With time, I’ll hopefully be able to get Mizuu to a point where it’s fully usable on Google TV as well as mobile phones and tablets. I don’t know when it’ll arrive, but I’ll be sure to keep you updated.

Also – I’ve just upgraded my PC, so it’s considerably faster at compiling the code and it has greatly improved my coding experience. This should also make it a bit more fun for me to work on updates for you guys. Sadly, the Android development kit isn’t that great at handling large projects like Mizuu, so it’ll still be a bit slow, but any progress is good! (You can find my updated PC specifications below, if you’re interested)

Finally, I’m going to do more updates. I really enjoy getting in touch with you guys and getting your feedback. I’m in contact with at least 10 different people each day, and it’s really great. Thanks a lot for all your support. You’re the best.



PC specifications

For those of you interested, here are the updated specifications of my PC:

  • Intel Core i7 3770K @ 4.5 GHz per core
  • 16 GB RAM (Corsair Vengeance @ 1600 MHz)
  • 240 GB SanDisk Extreme SSD (550/520 MB/s)
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 580

All in all – a true workhorse πŸ™‚


  1. So I guess network support is dead then?

    • Use CifsManger to mount your network drive on /mnt/cifs/ then Mizuu can access as if it were the local filesystem,
      No need to build in a network stack.

      • CifsManager doesn’t work on non-rooted devices. Also, it’s not perfect.

  2. When you get a GTV version together will it be rolled into the same app or will you have a different version on the app store? I’m wondering if I should grab the phone/tablet version now or wait?

    • Hi Matt!

      Good question. It’ll all be in the same application πŸ™‚

  3. Glad to hear things are still going Michell. I can’t wait for your GTV app and network support. This is basically what I am missing these days. I have my collection on a NAS and my Google TV to stream it, but not a media player app and Mizuu is the best on Android out there! Even now the app is fully usable on the GTV, so I am sure once you add the network support it will rock!

    Keep up the awesome work and keep us up to date with happenings, I am sure many people following this blog are interested πŸ™‚

    Congrats on your new pc upgrade and thank you for the hard work.

    • Hey Gligor!

      Thanks a lot. Can you please try the latest nightly build on your Google TV device and see how the TV show episode navigation works?

      • Hi Michell,

        I would like to test it on the Google TV, unfortunately the bugger doesn’t accept any of my HDDs and so I don’t have the the series locally. Once the network stuff is implemented I can have a look properly.

        One thing I notice, when I go to trailers with the previous design I was able to scroll using the D-Pad, now that is not possible so I have to use the mouse. Seems like the movie posters are not selectable with the D-Pad, that’s what makes it non-scrollable with anything other than the mouse.

        Hope that helps a bit, sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.

        Thanks again for making this awesome app!

        • Hey! Thanks a lot. I’ll make sure to make it compatible with GTV once I get my hands on a unit πŸ™‚

        • I’d like to second the request for making the app work with a d-pad (up/down/left/right/enter).

          I use Mizuu on an MK802 android stick (regular android 4.0 not GTV) connected to a TV. I’d like to be able to use a simple remote to select and play movies.

  4. wow just tried this app today and i must say i was so impressed that i bought the it from the play store. i’m trying it both on my android tv player and phone. i also tried your nightly build to check the progress so far and this are my thoughts (mostly from an andoid tv testing):

    1. i love the new overview window, makes it easier to see the movie details. but it just looks a bit plain and cramped for some reason, perhaps you can add more information like the director, rating stars etc. (im guessing you already have that in mind :D). and lessening the amount of movie showing on the screen at a time would make it seem less cramped. but this is not a big deal right now.

    2. the tabs between tv show seasons are too far from each other on my android tv. im using a mouse for navigation and scrolling between seasons takes a lot of clicking and cursor travelling. i think it would just be better to have it together as tabs instead. some options like choosing the source folders for movies and tv shows are also suffering from this.

    3. option to have separate tabs for each folder chosen. i personally have a separate folder for english movies and korean movies. having an option to be able to put the chosen source folders into separate tabs on top would be great.

    4. i liked the previous tv show view where you can see the backdrop and the list of episodes. i was wondering if that could still be a view option. or you can just have the existing menu and just make the backdrop blurred after choosing the episodes tab. overall, the new tv episodes tab seems more organized.

    5. putting the menu for movies, tv shows, watch list, etc as a popup on the side is a very nice touch and is a very great change from previous one.

    6. after choosing a movie from the list, it would be nice to have the play button on the left side (personal preference) with a big word play just to emphasize the play button.

    7. after choosing genre from the movie browser, i noticed that you cannot just switch to a different genre after clicking genre again. you had to go choose another option and re-choose genre be able to get to the popup menu. i think adding the genre list dropdown menu on top after choosing genre would make it more convenient.

    8. the loading of images are ok. it would be nice to have it preloaded, but if it would make it smoother for scrolling this way then im fine with it. also, an option to have the movies paginated would be great too.

    so those are my thoughts after one night of fiddling around with it. keep up the great work and i’ll provide more feedback.

    • Hey!

      Thanks a lot. Here are some answers for your observations:

      1. I’m actually working on something else right now, that I’ve got really high expectations for. Should be pretty cool πŸ™‚

      2. You’re right – this is potentially an issue for TV devices. However, on a phone or tablet, you can simply swipe between the seasons.

      3. It has come up before, and I’m beginning to think about how to properly implement it.

      4. You can actually still view seasons as lists with the episode image on the left. You can change it in the application settings.

      7. Yes, the current implementation/way of selecting genres pretty much suck. Been working on an update.

      8. Not sure what you mean here πŸ™‚


  5. Finally!!!! πŸ˜€

  6. cool, thanks for the super fast response.
    what i meant by number 8 was regarding the loading of movie covers. instead of keeping the covers preloaded. it loads as you scroll through them. but it’s not a very big deal at all.
    ill take a look at the tv show season view option. thanks!


    • I’m still not sure if I fully understand the problem.

      I can assure you that the image loading is as good as it gets. It loads images on demand, so there’s no unnecessary use of CPU cycles / memory read and the loading is done in background threads, so it doesn’t clug up the user interface.

      I’m sure you can imagine the issues involved with loading ALL cover images at once. It’d slow down the launch times of the application a lot (especially as the library grows in size) and it’d use an unnecessary amount of memory.

  7. its not really a problem, just a personal preference πŸ˜€
    anyway, i tried it last night and it was actually working better than i last tried it.
    i must’ve been running multiple apps that time.


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