Here’s the first nightly build

Just published the first nightly build. You can find it available in the link below. This link will not be shown anywhere else, so keep it in mind.

Again – these builds are far from complete and will not work on all devices yet, so keep that in mind when testing, and feel free to report anything.


  1. Maybe the following builds will be better for me.
    I downloaded tonight’s build and it crashed repeatedly until I uninstalled it.
    I have a TegraII tablet with Honeycomb.

    Oh well….

    • Which specific device? You may very well have to uninstall first. I haven’t made any work on backwards compatibility yet.

  2. Hi Michell it is a Viewsonic GTablet with a Tegra II and 512mb of ram

    • Hi Jerry! Yeah, it hasn’t been made for that kind of device yet, so I’m afraid you won’t be able to use nightlies. It’ll be supported in the final release though.

  3. Any chance of build 2 today?

    • Probably not in your timezone, but I’m fairly sure you’ll be able to grab it when you wake up 🙂

  4. Hi Michell, I uninstalled the app and installed the nightly build.
    Running like a champ on my Viewsonic GTablet!

    Don’t recall if it’s come up before but the ability to run Mizuu off of separate directories would be great.
    For example, one for movies and another for TV shows.
    …or maybe set up different profiles – one would point to one set of files and the other to another set….just a suggestion.

    Anyway, this is one of the best Android apps out there!

    Thanks again and keep’em coming.

    • Cool, but the layouts still haven’t been made for your device, so you may encounter issues.

      Would you mind elaborating on your idea? I’m not quite sure what you mean 🙂


  5. What I meant was that I would like to open Mizuu and see only my movies which are on
    \\ls-nas\share\media\movies and then have either another instance of Mizuu or a profile link pointing to my TV Shows at \\ls-nas\share\media\tv shows.

    I access my media on my NAS via CIFS Manager which is available for free in the marketplace.

    I just want to keep things separate and not all in one giant Mizuu screen.

    I hope that made sense.


    • Thanks, that’s great. I’d like to do something like that in the future 🙂

  6. Can you add a link to nightly builds in the menu at the top?

    • Sorry. It’s already one of the most visited pages on the site and I haven’t received anywhere near the amount of expected feedback based on the number of downloads. Adding a link at the top will only make this worse. People seem to be downloading it to replace the current version, not to help test it.

      • :S How many people have responded? And btw, I don’t really understand the changes for the newest version. Could you enlighten me?

        • About five people with 200+ downloads… That’s not really what I was hoping for.

          Check overview type for Movies in settings.


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