A few notes on version 2.0

The launch of version 2.0 has been crazy! So many new users and lots of great feedback.

Having said that, I’d like to address a few things that people have mentioned.

Upgrading removes all previous data

If you’re upgrading from version to version 2.0, which thousands of people will be doing, the movie and TV show libraries will be cleared. I do realize that it isn’t exactly a smooth upgrading process, but it’s something that I decided to do because it’ll provide the best user experience. If I were to upgrade the movie and TV show databases to the new version, you’d be missing a lot of data that the new version is capable of fetching and displaying – i.e. your experience would be mediocre. By forcing everyone to update their libraries once again, you’ll get a much better experience because all your movies and TV shows will have more data to be displayed.

Claim: Broken widgets on Android 4.0

A few people have posted 1-star reviews on Google Play (thanks for those…), describing that the update apparently broke widgets on Android 4.0. I say “apparently” because I can’t reproduce the issues. I’ve tested Mizuu on Android 3.2, 4.0, 4.1 and 4.2 and it’s working just fine. If you’re experienceing issues with the widgets, please let me know as I’d like to reproduce it myself and fix it.

Update: As pointed out in the comments, I’ve replaced all the widgets, so any added widgets from version won’t work and will have to be removed. The new ones work.

Update 2: It might also be caused by high numbers of movies, that are exhausting the launcher’s memory. Will try to reduce the memory usage.

Various other bugs

First of all, thanks for the bug / crash reports. I read each and every one of them, and I’ll try to fix all the issues shortly. I’ll be waiting a few days in order to get the most bug reports, and then fix them.

Future updates

I’ll be aiming at updating Mizuu with fairly large updates each month. I’ll keep on posting on the blog with previews of what’s to come and when to expect it. The next (minor) update will be out next week, and will mainly feature bug fixes and other minor improvements. The first of the more significant updates will be focused mainly on performance improvements. After that, I’ll start adding new features.

Thanks again!


  1. For the Movie widget problem, I think it’s due to the missing cover of the movie.
    I had problem with the widget (Only see “loading”). Deleted the widget. Removed the movie doesn’t have cover. Re-add widget and it’s working. 🙂
    I hope it will help you to fic the widget problem.

    • Yeah, it might be. Will have to consider that.

  2. I had to delete the widgets and re-install as well on my Jelly Bean Xoom. It only took a second to figure out so I was not the one to leave negative feedback.

    • Yep, that’s what’s causing it. Incredibly annoying to receive two 1-star reviews based on that. And there’s no way I can contact them.

  3. Hi Michell. I’ve been using the beta since it was launched but I’ve previously paid for the
    App. Is there any benefit to uninstalling the beta and installing V2? I see there is no update path between the two and both can be installed together. Is the beta discontinued now? Absolutely fantastic work by the way. I hope you do well out of this app. There is more competition in the store now but nothing comes close to Mizuu.

    • This i wont also Ask 🙂
      Is the Beta in the Future the app which update every week and the paid and the free version is updated just every month?
      Or is the beta now ending and all new features comes with the free/paid version?

      Is It possible to make it with an option to get something like this:
      Just the free/paid will updated in the future (the beta died) and I can choose in the Settings, to get every beta-release or just the non-beta updates. (Something like the APEX Launcher has in the settings)

      Two “different” apps make this a little bit uncool and much more difficult to handle it.

      The new frontpage http://mizuu.tv/ is very very Nice!!! It looks all very professional and it show the most features which the app proceed. THX for all hard work and many time which such projects are need!

      • The beta is over, and the latest beta version will stop working in about a week or so.

        It’s kind of hard to do something like the beta/non-beta release stuff. Google Play doesn’t support this, and it’d mean that I were to host the APK files myself. I have no intention of doing that.


    • Hey!

      Well, the beta will no longer be available. I’ve decided to do fairly large – or well, significant – updates each month. I’d personally upgrade, if I were you – even if it means updating your libraries once again. If you’re using the latest beta version, it’ll stop working in about a week or so.

  4. It has arrived. Congratulations, Michell!
    This app is definitely worth its money – let me give you mine when I am back home.

  5. I discovered Mizuu today (29 March) – looks like the timing is great.
    Can’t wait to reach the phase where you start adding new features. See my suggestions and emails to you!

  6. Well done Michell, updating now. Great looking website too. 🙂 Tim

  7. hello michell,

    what is with the Session “The A-Team”? it will search after “the A Team” without “-” and nothing will be found, can you change this?

    • is it possible to make multiple choise in the section “not sorted Files” or how it called in English, than i can mark all “The A-Team” files and make it correct in the Database

      • Can’t really change the hyphen issue. It’s a common separator, and Mizuu should support that. As for marking multiple episodes, that’s coming. It’s not that hard to do.


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