Looking for people to test network streaming

In short, I’m looking for a limited group of people who’ll be willing to test network streaming for the upcoming release of Mizuu. You’ll be installing a small application in which you enter your network details and point it to a video file on the network share. If all goes as planned, you’ll be able to stream the video file.

Like I said – a limited number of people. I want to be able to keep track of feedback. Don’t bother signing up if you can’t provide fast feedback. Please use the contact form below – it’ll likely be removed fairly soon in order to keep track.

[Removed – thanks for the interest guys!]


  1. This small application, is this installed on Android or the Windows computer with the files?

    • Hi Greg! It’s installed on your Android device. You enter a filepath, username and password in the application and it’ll then attempt to stream the video from that filepath.

      • So a separate Android media player (like MX Player) wouldn’t be required then?

        • You’ll just need some kind of video player installed. The built-in default video player is also capable of playing network streams if it supports the file format 🙂

          • Sorry, this is taking me a minute to fully understand. 🙂 This application will allow Mizuu to access files located on a network share just as it currently accesses local files, but it will be no different when it comes to actually playing a file. Is that correct?

        • Can’t reply to your other comment, so I’ll do it here.

          Anyway – no, this is a separate application from Mizuu. Its only purpose is to test network streaming and it doesn’t integrate with Mizuu in any way.

  2. As you know I’ve been following your progress pretty closely since its inception, and it would be an honor to test this feature out for you.

    I’ve been waiting for this!


  3. Michell,

    Not sure if you are still doing this but I would like to help out with the testing of streaming video…for the longest I have been looking for a good streaming app for my device. I have a nexus7 but most importantly I have a HUGE library of media. I already have a Media Center Server configured at home with Media Center PC clients on all my TVs…the only thing I don’t have is streaming to my devices which is exactly what you are talking about here. So let me know if you are still doing this as I would like to test this out for you!

    Thank you!

    • Hi Marlon!

      Thanks a lot, I’ll try to keep you in mind. I haven’t got a whole lot of time right now, so there won’t be much work done on streaming at the moment.



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