Post-summer development update

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while since my last blog post. Summer’s been great here in Denmark and I’ve been enjoying every minute of it. Felt like I’d been putting a lot of time into work and less time for myself, so I wanted to switch that around a bit this summer. Well, summer’s pretty much over now and it’s time to get back to normal.

I haven’t really been coding for the past few months, so getting back to developing Mizuu will be quite entertaining. I’ve been answering mails from users throughout the summer, though, and I’ve been trying to keep track of bugs, feature suggestions and other future improvements. One thing that’s been coming up a lot is support for Chromecast – Google’s new inexpensive and very interesting streaming device.


The situation with Chromecast is rather complicated though. At this point in time, Google does not allow any third party developers to publish applications that can interact with the device. In addition to this, the SDK – which developers use to create such applications – is constantly being changed and stuff is being added and removed. Developing anything for it right now isn’t really viable.

I’ve been asked to add support for Chromecast by well over 20 different people by now, and I’d love to do it, but recently I’ve given it some thought and I’m not sure it should be implemented in Mizuu. It should probably be implemented in the video player instead. It simply makes a lot more sense. I’m sure this is what a lot of – if not all – decent video players will get in the future. Imagine watching a movie on your tablet, and then somebody joins you – simply cast it up on your TV and you’ll be good to go. That’s a lot easier to do if it’s implemented in the video player and not the management/indexing software (Mizuu).

Dealing with bugs

All software has bugs and Mizuu is no exception. It can crash and unexpected stuff can happen. That’s just how software development works. I’ve said once before that I’m taking an in-depth look at fixing the majority of the bugs and that stability will be my primary focus for now. This is still very much the case, as I really haven’t been able to do much since my last post about it. There are a number of bugs that are easy to fix, and a few that are significantly harder. Not sure if I should start with the easy ones or the hard ones, but I’ll try to get through it as soon as possible.

Usability issues

While usability issues aren’t bugs per se, it’s still sort of related – if something can go wrong, it’s probably because the usability isn’t as good as it should be. That’s something I can work on. There are a number of things in Mizuu that I’d like to fix in the near future. One of the most important ones is file source management. It should be a lot easier to add file sources. I’ve got some ideas of how I can improve it, and I’ll show you some of it when I get around to doing it.

If there’s anything you’re particularly unhappy about or something you think could be improved, please let me know in the comments. Usability suggestions only, please. I’ll start developing and planning again on Monday, so you’ll have a few days to think of stuff!

That’s it for me. Have a good one!


  1. I agree 100% on your comment about not supporting Chromecast, as this is really the video player’s job and not your software.

    Keep up the good work. Mizuu is a great piece!

  2. Hi Michell, welcome back on earth 🙂 I have thought of a usability thing. When I’m viewing for instance the ‘unwatched’ movies, and then I tilt my device from portrait to landscape or vice versa, the selectio ‘refreshes’ to all movies. Same goes for selected filters. Maybe it’s an Android thing, but mayyyybe it’s something you can fix, I thought.

  3. Also completely agree on the Chromecast front, leave it to the video players.

  4. Hi Michell,

    when comes the next update?

    Greetings B.Zuber

    • Hi Bobby,

      It’s hard to say. I don’t really have any time at the moment. Sorry.

      • The last update from the Oktober the 16. Looks very nice. The posibility to go directly to the episodes Is nice. Thx.

      • And you have ad the search with filenames. Great, realy great 🙂

      • Hi Michell,

        i have some problems with the App:

        if i look a movie (it run with MX Player) than the movie stopped after 5-30 Minutes. the time goes on but the pictures not change. if i scroll some seconds back or forward it goes back to mizuu and when i start the movie again it runs from the begining. if i go back with the back button and then i start it again the movie goes from the time it was played on forward. have you hear from another users this issues? is it just with the MX Player or is there a another problem with the connection?
        if i run the Synology Video app all movies run without problems.

        the second is: if i have a movie in two qualitys in my collection. then i wont to delete one of them. then goes the information, the background and the cover also away from the another movie. is it possible to make a short queck if the movie is dobble in the collection and then not do delete these things?

        BIG THX for all your great work.
        have a nice time


        • Hey!

          Hmm, not sure what’s causing the sudden stop during playback. Might be my fault, but nothing has changed for the last few releases, so it’s sure strange if it just started happening.

          Yeah, the second issue is something that I’ve been aware of for quite some time – I’ve just forgot to fix it. I’ll add it to my to-do list.


          • Sorry, ich don’t write that the first thing is in the versions before also.

        • Hey!

          Do you think it’s possible that the hard drive spins down? In other words, the hard drive might be going to sleep to save power. I know that some people are experiencing this issue, although I’ve only heard of cases during library updates.


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