Here’s something pretty cool

The next update will introduce an improved way of updating your Movies and TV Shows libraries.

Currently, any updates of the libraries run in the foreground and pretty much block everything else. That’s not a very nice way of doing it, so from version 1.8 everything will be going on the background. That way, you can do whatever you want while the libraries are updating and you can even browse your collections as they’re updating and look at the details of already added movies and shows. You could also take a look at trailers of upcoming movies or check out what’s hot on the most popular video sites.

You’ll find two screenshots of what it looks like in this post – the above one is for tablets and the below one is on phones.


  1. I like it!

  2. I simply love you work. This is 1 of my best apps. I wish you had 1 like this for music. My question is, when I add new content an update why does not the widget update also? I always have to delete the widget and replace it to get the new content.

    • Thanks! Err, that’s actually a bug. Completely forgot about that. Will fix it in the next version 🙂

      • Thanks for responding so quickly. It only gives me further confidence that the next update will rock. Thanks again.

        P.S. any chance that you’ll make the music app that has the same functionality?

        • Not sure, it depends on whether I can find an open database for music information 🙂

          • Hey Michell,
            Regarding the open DB for music, you should check what DB the ‘Headphones’ application uses (it is a couchpotato, sickbeard like app but for music).

            • Looks like I’ll have a look at Musicbrainz 🙂

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