Another preview of what’s to come

One of the rather messy features of Mizuu right now is the Actor view. It allows you to check out actor details – biography, movies and photos. However, it’s not that great at the moment – especially not on smartphones. That’s why I’ve been working on making it better, and I’m ready to share some of the changes with you now. My new approach is adding tabs and making it easier to navigate through the various types of content. Also, you can now press movie covers to launch a website with more details and likewise you can press photo thumbnails to get the original size image.

Here’s what the tablet version looks like (press for a larger view):

And here’s what it looks like on smartphones (press for a larger view):

Like I said, this is just one of many changes. You can find various pointers to other design changes in the above screenshots. Hope you’ll like it!

By the way: I’m postponing the expected release of the upcoming update by a bit. My workload has been increased quite a lot and my studies are also getting more demanding. Anyway, I’m doing all I can when I’ve got the time and I’m usually working most of the night as well.


  1. Looks very nice (even though I like the blue theme more then the green one :P)!

  2. I agree, the blue theme looks much nicer and fits into the Android aesthetic better. Though I don’t think anyone would ever be upset with the ability to choose (which hell, isn’t that what Android’s all about anyway?). On the subject of aesthetics, will you be extending the new holo ICS guidelines across other parts of the UI?

    • The blue theme is still the default theme – not really sure why I picked this theme for the screenshots, actually. Anyway – yes! I’m gradually trying to honor the guidelines and make everything more ICS-like. The next version will also introduce ICS-specific elements. I.e. the backdrop images don’t have the transparent gradient at the top on ICS, and you’ll be able to use the new quick share actions on ICS devices as well.


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