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This seems to be happening time and time again, and I’m really stumbled by it. Some people seem to be using reviews on Google Play as a way to mention their problems and it’s quite obvious that they expect some sort of response or help. Unfortunately, it’sĀ impossible for me to answer.

Reviews are not – and were never – intended as a way to get help or support, but many people seem to think that. Mizuu has received a number of reviews in which people mention problems and expect help. These issues are often incredibly easy to fix and I would’ve been able to help the users within minutes, if they’d only sent me an e-mail. That’s just not the case, and it’s really unfortunate for both me and the user – but obviously there’s nothing I can do about it other than hope that Google one day realizes that all developers need to be able to respond to user reviews. Currently, this feature is limited to the so-called Top Developers. I’ve complained about this numerous times and I’ve been backed up by a lot of fellow developers, but no changes for now.

As a developer, I’m really annoyed by the fact that I’m unable to get in touch with the users of my application. I want to help, if you’re experiencing issues! The one-way communication issue is extremely frustrating because it leads to poor and unfair reviews as well as bad reputation on my part. And I’m left without a thing to do about it. That’s really not a great feeling.

For anyone reading this – please send me an e-mail, if you’ve got issues with Mizuu. There’s a link to send me an e-mail at the bottom of the Google Play listing. I usually respond within minutes – at least when I’m not sleeping. Many questions can also be answered using the FAQ section of this website, and I often refer people to that section. You’re also more than welcome to use the forum on this site or even write on Facebook or Google+. Mizuu also includes an option to contact me. There are lots of ways to get in touch with me, so use them!


  1. >I usually respond within minutes.

    I can confirm this. I’ve sent Michell emails in the past regarding bugs/issues/questions with the app and have always received a response promptly.

    Not many developers support their app(s) the way Michell does. Take advantage of it people!

    • Thanks, Luke! Much appreciated šŸ™‚

  2. It’s also very unfortunate that your star rating goes down when people pull this crap and makes it look like your app is riddled with problems. Google Play ratings are getting as bad as the ratings for Amazon’s free apps of the day, which are getting as bad as Youtube comments.

    • It’s pretty annoying. The 1-star ratings are quite frustrating as well. Three of them didn’t bother to read the description and didn’t know what media center software is. They were expecting free movies and TV shows, despite being clearly stated that this is not the case. The fourth one claims to have contacted me for help, but I’ve never received anything from him. Most annoying thing is that his issue is easy to fix; not my fault; and finally – he posted the review when something went wrong. Didn’t bother to post it when things were good for him, only when it’s not working.

      Sorry about my rant, but these small things are quite annoying šŸ™‚

  3. I agree with all the above comments. So frustrating. I hope they make adjustments to this in the new release of the Google Developer Console

  4. mizuu doesn’t seem to find my video’s on a mountpoint (/mnt/sdcard/videos), any way to get around this (my video files are on a synology NAS)

    • Kind of ironic that you’re not sending me an e-mail, but rather post a comment for this post…

      Anyway, to answer your question: You’re pretty much on your own. Network support isn’t implemented yet, and all third party solutions for mounting network shares aren’t working as they should.


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