Problems updating libraries with the beta on Android 4.0

A few people have reported issues when updating their movie and TV show libraries on devices running Android 4.0.x. The issues seems to be exclusive to that version of Android.

The known issues include:

  • Library updates suddenly stop without any apparent reason
  • The application crashes when updating libraries

I don’t think all users on Android 4.0 are affected by the issues, but it’s important for me to make sure that it works on all newer versions of Android, so I’m currently working on fixing the update services and making them rock-solid. Hopefully, it won’t take that long. There’ll be a new beta update available once that’s done, and it includes quite a few other things.

After that, I’m going to work on allowing users to manually identify TV show files that couldn’t be identified automatically as well as support for custom movie data on network shares.

PS. Mizuu is now listed on the Downloads page of – yay!


  1. Mine won’t update TV shows. Just quits after 1 show. Movies were fine. It did 501 of them. I am running 4.2.2.

    • Wow, that’s weird. Mine can easily update TV shows on 4.2.2. This is so strange…

  2. Using the beta and no matter what my movies dont go over 60. I have tried updating many times and it only shows 60 movies. Also the TV show updates are very very slow and the update stops on it’s own. I am on S3 4.2.1

    • The movie issue has been fixed, and will be part of the next update. TV shows are also quite buggy at the moment, and fixing it is rather complicated.

      Your version of 4.2.1 – that’s not official, is it?

  3. Good morning

    The product is very sharp, thank’s

    However, there is some TV Show the the apps didn’y discover, it’s like it’s locked at 16 tv shows!!

    Is there any limitations?



    • Hi Alain!

      Nope, not limitations. The next beta update will allow you to view the files that weren’t identified, so you can see what’s happening.


  4. Running paid version in Galaxy S2 (Jelly Bean) – Movies loaded fine, TV is very unpredictable; sometimes loads only 1 show, sometimes more (never all though) and sometimes just hangs “checking for files”.

    All files are on a network drive.


    • Hi Neil,

      We’re talking about library updates here, right? What kind of network drive is it and how many files have you set it up to index? A rough estimate is fine, if you don’t know the exact number.

      • Yeah, library updates (well first load). Using samba drives on a windows 7 pc. 100+ tv shows 100s of episodes.

        i’ve just noticed that when the update does work, the % complete is reading a crazy number 4,000,000+ I think.

        hope this helps.

        • Yeah, I had a feeling it was Windows… My old nemesis. Only Windows is causing issues for network content. For some reason it doesn’t really handle lots of requests very well. It’s been like that since I introduced support for network shares in 2.0, but was improved a bit with 2.1.

          I’ll continue working on improving it.

          • Good hunting!

          • update…

            the free version worked fine on a cheapo tablet running Ice Cream Sandwich and using the same file shares.

            the free version doesnt work on Jelly Bean.

            I wonder if it’s an OS issue ?

            • I highly doubt that since it’s a third party library that’s used to connect to the network shares, and it doesn’t really use any features of Android. Have you tried simply rebooting the machine?

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