Public beta test is now on Google Play

There is now a public beta version of Mizuu on Google Play. This will replace the nightly builds posted on this site, and means that I will no longer be posting nightly builds on the website.

The purpose of the beta version is the same as the nightly builds: Get early user feedback and solve potential issues.

I decided to publish it on Google Play as it’d be easier in terms of updates, and it’s a good way for me to get crash logs. If anything crashes, please report it by sending a crash log.


It’s currently not available on the Nexus 7 for whatever reason, but I’ve just uploaded another version that works. It’ll be available within a few hours.

Update: Fixed. It’s now available for the Nexus 7 and some other devices as well.

Update 2: Thanks a lot for the feedback, it’s very useful. Keep it coming 🙂


  1. Hi Michell,

    I use to use the BSPLayer as third party media player in the Mizuu.
    But in this beta version, there is no BSPLayer option in the select media player window.

    Do the BSPlayer will be again available in the next version of Mizuu or do I have to find an other media player ?

    Again thanks a lot for your help,

    • Hey Kim

      You’re on Android 4.x, right? I think there might be a bug, but working on it.


    • Can you try the latest update, Kim?

  2. Hi Michell,
    The problem is fixed. Thanks for quick support.

  3. HI Michell. I just recently discovered MIZUU (beta) and so far it’s very intriguing. One question I have is that when I load up some shows, some of the titles defaults under the show “PHOTOSHOP USER TV.” Is there any way I can change that? Maybe input my own information for better organization?

    • Hey! You should follow the guidelines for file naming available at the FAQ on this site 🙂 It’s likely because you’ve got a folder called something including “TV” that contains all your TV shows. If Mizuu can’t find anything based on the file name, it’ll try the folder name.

  4. Hi! This application is awesome, i use it to catalog my movie collection using cifs on my Nexus 7. I have just two problems, that are probably there because it’s a beta.

    – Scanning my entire movie directory do some strange things. It gets all the covers right, but sometimes it associates them with the wrong movie. Also, it gets the title right for maybe 100 movies out of 900, for all the others it gets the fanart and the cover just right, but it sets the title to N/A. I don’t know if it’s maybe a licensing problem and i need to purchase the application, but unfortunately i can’t install the non beta version on the Nexus 7 since it tells me it is not compatible. If it can be solved just by purchasing a license i’m more than happy to do it.

    – This is kinda related to the first problem. Setting the movie manually with menu -> Identify Movies works perfectly, but after some time the RAM consumpion increase too much and the application crashes. I think this is because the app caches all the info in memory for every movie you manually identify (especially cover art and fanart i think), and it doesn’t clean the cache once it finishes. I checked the avaiable RAM every time i manually identify a movie and it goes up every time. This happens only when i search for info manually, just browsing the collection doesn’t increase RAM usage, and it’s working great.

    • Hey!

      I’m sorry, but I can’t really help you with the first issue. CIFS isn’t supported, and the third party options are quite buggy. I’m not experiencing any similar issues with large numbers of movies and the code should be fine, so I really don’t think it’s a problem in Mizuu.

      Regarding the crashes: The manual identify option uses an old kind of caching, which is pretty dumb, and can cause this kind of issues. I’m doing a transition to a newer kind of caching, which is also used in the movies overview, but it takes time 🙂

      Anyway, please do report any crashes you experience.

      • Thanks a lot for the reply,
        That’s not a problem for the CIFS, i’ll just wait for the implementation of smb shares and just use that :).
        There’s no hurry about the caching problem, i pointed it out just to make you aware of it, i know that rewriting something takes time.

  5. Using Mizuu on Logitech Revue and having issue with cache storage space. It’s filling up Revues limited internal memory seeing it as SD card while scanning my external USB drive with media files and eventually crashes whole operating system when it runs out of space. My suggestion would be to store cache with thumbs and related data to the actual storage media being scanned. It’s pointless having all the thumbs on my Revue “SD” (actual internal memory, 512 MB) if my external USB drive with media files is disconnected. It would make much more sense to me storing data together with media files. Maybe other way to fix this would be to add option to select destination for the cache.

    • The obvious problem with that solution would be that some storage drives are read-only.

      Anyway, it is something I’m aware of, but I don’t think it’ll be changed any time soon. Sorry.


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