Re-introducing the Mizuu forum

I’ve just added a forum to the website. This’ll allow greater user interaction and it’ll hopefully result in a lot of useful posts and resources.

You’ll need a to register an account at the forum in order to create posts and threads, but other than that it should be pretty easy to get going. There’s not a whole lot of content on the forum just yet, but that’s hopefully coming!

I’d like to get some feedback on which forums and categories should be added. Right now I’ve just covered the basics and there’s probably room for improvement.

PS. This isn’t the first time I’ve launched a forum for Mizuu. I was never satisfied with the forum software, but this time it’s actually pretty good and the community has grown a lot since last time, which was about a year ago.


  1. So where do you want your users to post suggestions / ideas for improving Mizuu? In the forum? On github? both?

    • I’m thinking that a mixture of both could be pretty good. Some people don’t want to register an account at GitHub or might find it confusing. This should feel a bit more user-friendly and it’ll allow for a greater discussion about suggestions. I’ll naturally keep track of both, and add suggestions from the forum to GitHub.


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